Friday, October 29, 2010

Out And About

We went shopping t’other day and bought, among other things, a couple of pounds of cod fish along with some clams for a nice New England Chowdah.  Then the search was on for a purpose to have a get together.  Ahhh, found one!!!  Norm and Linda will be returning from the Chapter 26 Rally on Sunday – that constitutes a travel day (even if it is only sixty miles).  It is now deemed that Sunday afternoon will be a football/chowdah day.  You havta plan these events vewy, vewy carefully, ya know?  You’ll need to check in again Monday to see how the festivities turned out.

Yesterday morning I scoffed up Miss Judy (not by the scruff of the neck) and we made a trip into the thriving metropolis of Foley (and who says we don’t get out much?).  The mission was to check out a couple of senior groups while looking for cheap exercise opportunities.  It’s hard to believe that we are old enough to qualify for membership at the Senior’s Circle and/or the Foley Senior Center, but we just barely make it.  You have to be 50 years old or older so we can just squeak in the door of either one of these fine organizations.

The Senior’s Circle membership would allow us to participate in a water aerobics class at the YMCA while the Foley Senior Center has Chair Yoga, Tai Chi, and an exercise program.  Well, I havta tell ya that I’m into that aerobic imagery, myself; i.e., I just imagine myself doing aerobics (that’s about as far as it goes for aerobics and me).  Now, I can get involved in anything that has a chair in it, especially a nice reclining chair and a little meditating while sitting doesn’t hardly hurt a body at all.  However, what we (Miss Judy and I) were interested in is the Tai Chi class.  Yep, I’m a wuss and like to take my exercise real slow and easy.  So, it looks like Foley Senior Center wins out.

Unbelievable!!!  Today is being celebrated as Black Friday shopping day.  We haven’t even craved the pumpkin yet!!!  Nor have we stuffed ourselves with turkey yet!!!  Oh well, what can I say.  In keeping with the Black Friday tradition (and great sale prices) we purchased our Christmas present from – a brand spanking new shinny Cuisinart Coffee maker. 

Our Mr. Coffee coffee maker is on it’s last legs and this coffee maker was on sale at a 55% discount with a $10 rebate on top of that and no sales tax or shipping costs.  So for the price of two cheap Mr. Coffees we get a deluxe coffee maker with a carafe that won’t spill the coffee all over the counter when pouring a cup.  Amazon made us an offer we couldn’t refuse - you just can’t beat that deal with a stick!!!  So it’s “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way!!!”

Being that the last couple of days have been extremely muggy and it was a rainy day yesterday, no outside “Ol’ Ta Do List” items have gotten stricken from the list.  However, both ovens are now squeaky clean; it had been quite sometime since they had been cleaned and they were in need of the attention.

I did finish reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” yesterday afternoon and started a new book entitled “The Greatest Generation”.  Also, in continuing with my theme of reading old classics, I ordered three more books from the library – they should be ready for pickup on Tuesday.  They are: “Catcher in the Rye”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “1984”; all of which I originally read way back during my High School days.  They should be fast reads.

The weather for today will be much cooler and dryer so it will be up on the roof for me.  “This is the way we wash our roof, wash our roof, wash our roof.  This is the way we wash our roof so early in the morning.”  Following that I hope to get the windows washed off as well – stuff from washing the roof tends to streak the windows.

Well, that’s it for today.  So take care until next time - - - - - 


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird is a great book. Be careful washing that roof.

    Travel Safe

  2. Well . . . you may squeak by to get into the Senior Center, but brother? It's a LOUD squeak!! :) Love ya.