Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Glitch

Judy needed to get some blood work done so we took off for Lab Corp early in the morning.  While I was waiting for her in the truck listening to the radio I heard an old classic song by Dean Martin.  Normally this would have been a good thing, but it was the song itself that sort of raised my hackles - “Home For The Holidays”.  We haven’t even had our Jack-O-Lantern yet!!  Nor have we burped over our turkey!!!  It’s Waaaaaaay Too Early For Christmas Songs On The Radio!!!!  It’s not even mid October, for Pete’s sake!!!!!  Hello!!!!!!  No more Jingle Bells, PLEASE, for at least another month.

Well, on another note, we maybe Escapees but that doesn’t mean that we have escaped from the everyday hassles of life.  After we returned home from the lab, Judy went online to check our bank accounts.  This is something that she does everyday to ensure that we don’t have any unauthorized charges.  However, she got a “no online banking established for this account” message.  After a phone call to customer service to find out what had happened, it was evident that a trip to the local branch bank was required. 

Sometimes you just need to get in front of someone, face to face, in order to break the “do loop” cycle.  My line was simple, “You guys broke it, you guys gotta fix it!!!”  And, they did just that, however, before it was all “fixed” we had invested no less than four hours of our time. 

It’s quite apparent that we could never have “fixed” the problem at home on the phone with a customer service representative.  The problem was a “glitch” that occurred in the system while assimilating the Wachovia accounts into Wells Fargo accounts.  It required a mystical genius waving his wand over the system software while holding his mouth right and pressing a few thousand keys to straighten out the mess.  Anyhow, mission accomplished!!

With most of the day shot, we just came home and spent time on the computer and reading while listening to raindrops falling on our roof.  Oh yes, Judy spent some time on one of her basket weaving projects as well – it was scrapbooking this time. 

Today we’re going on an outing with grand daughter number four, Kalina. 
We’ve not decided where we’re going or what we’re going to do, but it should be quite entertaining and extremely tiring.  We know where little tikes get their energy; they suck it right straight out of old people.  No wonder we need several naps a day whenever grand kids are entwined into our lives.  Tune in tomorrow to see how it all went.  I’m quite sure there will be some pictures.

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  1. Yeah, we were in a department store the other day and they had all their Christmas decorations out all ready!!

    After Thanksgiving is soon enough for the music and everything else related to Christmas.