Friday, October 08, 2010

Heading South

It was a good travel day.  We made the trek from Holly, MI to Shepherdsville, KY without incident.  Something that I hadn’t realized before was how “hard” the coach rode on the Carlisle tires.  They took more air pressure resulting in a stiffer ride; therefore, things vibrated around a lot more inside the rig.  That must mean that our house was “shaken and not stirred”.

As we traveled along we watched the temperatures continue to warm up from 48* to 84* - nice.  We’ve changed into wimps and just love the warmer weather.  Anything from 75* to 85* suits us just fine (as long as the humidity doesn’t get out of hand).

Anyway, we ended up right next to Chuck and Kathy at Grandma’s RV Park – it’s so nice to bump into people you know while moving about the country.  We went out to dinner with them to the El Napal Mexican restaurant.  The food was good and the service was good, but the fellowship was the best part.  Oh yes, it’s not a good idea to drink a sixteen ounce margarita after a seven hour travel day – Yeehaaa!!!!!!!

After dinner we stopped by a huge discount shoe factory store where Miss Judy was able to find a nice pair of sandals; I wasn’t as fortunate.  The one pair I found was too small for my feet; I have a good understanding, ya know!!  (little play on words)

We’ll head out early again this morning in hopes of capturing the “illusive” camp site at Cedars of Lebanon State Park before the weekend warriors begin rolling in.  There are only a half dozen sites that we fit into and we have a favorite site that we hope to snag.  Once we get around Bowling Green, KY we’ll change time so that should put us into the campground around 11:00 Central Time.  Hopefully the early bird will get the worm (or camp site in this case).

This afternoon we will get our long overdue grand kids fix.  We haven’t seen them little munchkins since early July and they have been greatly missed by Grandma and Grandpa so now it’s time to “head ‘em up and roll ‘em out”.  We’ll see ya tomorrow from Grandkidstown, TN. 

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  1. Great dinner company, glad we got to spend some time together. Travel safe, grandkid hugs are the best.