Sunday, October 17, 2010

12 And O

After coffee and computers yesterday we shampooed the carpets.  We like to borrow Matt and Jackie’s Hoover carpet shampooer.  It’s nice and heavy and does a great job on the carpets.  With that chore behind us, it was time for Catia’s final soccer game of the season.  Let’s pick up the announcer’s dialog:

“Here we are back at Riverside Stadium in beautiful downtown Murfreesboro on another gorgeous day.  Today the Nationals will be taking on the Chaos.  Both teams are 11-0.  The Nationals have been a good solid team all season, but the Chaos is known for their late quarter rallies that leaves their opponents devastated.”

“So, Kirk, what do you think the Nationals’ strategy will be?”

“Well, if I were Coach Cliff I would start Catia Patterson on offense in an attempt to run up the score and then place her on defense for the last two quarters to keep the Chaos from a late game rally.”

“The pregame ceremonies are underway and there’s the Nationals’ Super Star, Catia Patterson.”

Opening Ceremonies Super Star Catia Patterson

By the way, Catia’s sister Kalina and brother Radek were on hand for the last game as well, however, Kalina was more interested in making a fashion statement with Grandpa’s hat while Radek was turning circles in the parking lot with his chick magnet sports car in hopes of impressing the girls.

I Want Hat!!! Everything's Better With Blue Bonnet On It!!!Hey Babe, Wanna Go For A Ride? Where'd I Put Those Sun Glasses?

“Okay, the game is on.  And Catia has taken the ball to the net and she scores on the opening play of the game.  It seems that the Coach is following your game plan, Kirk.”

Score!!! Good Offensive Play

The game continued on with Catia scoring another goal before the end of the first quarter.  The Coach continued to follow Kirk’s pregame advise and put her on defense for the second quarter.  At half time the Nationals maintained a 2-0 lead.

“It’s the beginning of the third quarter and Coach Cliff has benched Catia.  The crowd is going wild.  They’re chanting, ‘Catia, Catia, Catia!!’  I wonder what the strategy is behind this move, Kirk?”

The Bench "Catia, Catia, Catia"

“I’m not sure either.  Maybe he’s attempting to get her rested for the fourth quarter.  I hope it doesn’t ice her.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be working as the Chaos has scored on the opening play of the second half.  Has the rally begun?”

Chaos On The Move Are They Rallying?

Before the end of the third quarter the Chaos had tied the game and the National fans were sitting on pins and needles.

A Nail Biting Game What's Going On, Grandpa?

“It’s the beginning of the fourth quarter with the scored tied.  Coach Cliff has put Catia Patterson back in the game on defense.  Is that a wise plan, Kirk?”

“Yes, I think it is.  At this point they don’t want the Chaos running up the score and with Catia on defense she can keep the ball at the other end of the field allowing one of her team mates to make a score.”

Great Defensive Play Go Team!!!  Yay Team!!!

And, folks, that is just what happened with the Nationals winning the game 3 to 2.

“Well there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen.  The Nationals have made it 12 and 0 preserving their perfect season and becoming the Murfreesboro Soccer Champions.  What do you suppose is in store for the future for Super Star Catia Patterson, Kirk?”

“We’ll just have to wait and see.  She’s a free agent and only time will tell if she plays for the Nationals again next year.”

There you have it.  Thanks for indulging a Grandpa’s vivid imagination.  These soccer games are the reason that we rushed back to Tennessee from Michigan. 

After church last night we had a stowaway who came for a sleepover.  None other than the soccer sensational, Catia.

The Stowaway Is It Time To Get Up?

Today we’ll have another family gathering around the fire; there will be more pictures.  Hope you don’t get tired of seeing pictures of our grandchildren because, “It’s all about grandchildren” – ya know.

Until tomorrow . . . . . .


  1. Great post! Like the saying goes...if I had known grandkids were so much fun, I would have had them first!