Saturday, October 16, 2010


We spent the day gallivanting about the countryside in an attempt to familiarize ourselves with the communities surrounding Murfreesboro.  As you well know, Murfreesboro is home to three of our grand children and someday we are going to want to settle down somewhere.  Being that the other three grand children live in the frigid north, it won’t be there.  Further, our daughter now lives in a champagne area and we only have a beer budget so it won’t be there either.

Tennessee offers a climate and the centrality that is most suitable to our lifestyle and travels.  Right now we are looking for a parcel of land where we could install hook ups for one or more RVs and be able to build a small home in the future.  Don’t worry, we won’t be “coming off the road” for another three or four years (remember the beer pocketbook?).   

We found several communities that could easily fit the bill for our future home sweet home.  East of Murfreesboro there is the town of Woodbury (also, Bradyville and Readyville).  Then south of Murfreesboro there’s Eagleville and Chapel Hill (also, Unionville).  We are currently looking at places no further than 30 minutes away from Murfreesboro; after all, it’s all about grand children!!

We haven’t looked at any specific piece of property at this time; that’s for future trips to this area.  Yesterday was just an overview with lots of fact finding (things like amenities, churches, taxes, restrictions, etc., etc.) left to do before we nail down an area.  So, it will be an ongoing process for awhile yet.

Our time here in Tennessee is growing short.  Before we know it, we’ll be setting up housekeeping back at the Plantation – Rainbow Plantation, that is, in Summerdale, Alabama.  It will seem nice to get “home” again after our six month jaunt. 

Today is a work day and a grand child day.  I suspect there will be pictures again tomorrow from the proud grand parents.  Take Care, Have Fun, and God Bless. 

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  1. OH, I so agree with you, in your venturing for future homestays. Now one thing about buying land and setting up RV hook ups is as you continue to be on the road you can always use the home land as your stop over instead of staying in a park.

    This is something we have considered for when we go full time. Budhi wants to keep a stick and marter home and where we are even though our home is paid off in seven years there is no place to park an RV so we are looking at the options of possibly selling this one in a couple of years and looking closer to the grandbaby and actually more in the middle of three kids, we only have the one grandchild. Budhi too doesn't want any futher north than were we are here in North Carolina so our weekly gallinvantings have been in North Carolina and Tennesse. Look forward to the photos