Monday, October 18, 2010

A Grandkids Kinda Day

Yesterday morning we rolled out of bed with our house guest still sleeping.  She came to shortly after we fired up the ol’ coffee pot (“wake up and smell the coffee!!”).  After a breakfast of homemade pancakes followed by a movie, it was time for Grandma and Catia to make an apple pie.

Grandma's Little Helper Sampling The Wares

Then it was off to the playground to see if we couldn’t wear the little munchkin out.  No way!! 

The Monkey Bars A Monkey Behind BarsI Get Around Ya Horse!!Up, Up And Away What Goes Up Must Come Down

Okay, so Grandma and Grandpa wore out first!!  The rest of the crew showed up around lunch time and we sat around the fire eating a taco casserole and home made apple pie.  Here are some random pictures that highlight the afternoon.

"I Want Hat!" Two Little Girls On Grandpa's LapI Think I Lost My Hat Radek JamesBig Sis With Her Little Brother Big Sis With Her Little SisterSome Enjoy The Fire While Others Watch Football On Their Phone Up And At 'Em

Our time here in Tennessee has drawn to a close.  Today we begin rolling down the highway.  The destination is Rainbow Plantation, but it is 472 miles from Cedars of Lebanon State Park to the Plantation - that equates to nine and a half hours of travel time.  Therefore, we’ll be stopping somewhere around Montgomery, Alabama to spend the night.  Then we’ll arrive at 318 East Traveler Street around noon time tomorrow.

In the meantime, we hope all your travels are safe.

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