Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Big Game

Every so often this phenomenon rolls around; today it’s 10-10-10.  Okay, so what does that have to do with anything.  Absolutely nothing, but I just thought I would mention it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are at Sports side with another crucial game about to begin.  Today the Nationals take on the Raptors.  The Nationals are 10 and 0 and are looking to hold on to their perfect season.  Most sports commentators attribute this record to the National’s all American player Catia Patterson (pronounced Ka-tia).  There she is now, in all her splendor.”


“Catia Patterson is taking the field starting the game in the defensive position.  I tell ya, Ladies and Gentlemen, your in for an exciting game.  Just watching this girl play is a real treat.  You’ll not want to miss a minute of this game.”


“While we’re at it, we need to mention that her brother, Radek, is at the game today to cheer her on.  We should also mention that he’s an international hockey star.”


“And her little sister, Kalina, is here as well.  But we’re not sure about her future intentions; she seems more like the uninterested sports by stander.”


“Anyway, it’s back to the action.  Good defensive move Catia!” 


“Oh my goodness, the game is half over.  We can’t help but wonder what this star athlete has in store for us in the second half.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, they have suited her up to play the goalie position.  I’m telling ya, this girl can do it all.”


“There’s a lot of action in front of the net.  Catia is standing ready to pounce on the ball.”


“Nice save Catia!”


“Now she gets to kick the ball into the in field, good kick!  That should really set her team up in a good position.”


“There’s more action in front of the net as she readies herself once more.”


“Oh no, this time they slip it by her for a goal!!  She’s none to happy with herself because that was a rookie move.  It just goes to show you that if a star athlete can make that kind of an error, then any of us can.”


“Little sister Kalina wants to know if that’s really a score?”


“Well, it’s now the fourth quarter with the Nationals 2 and the Raptors 1.  Catia Patterson is going on offense for the last quarter.  That makes  a lot of sense, save your powerhouse for a great finish.”


“Catia lines up on the goal and she S C O O R R E E S!!!!  That should clinch it for the Nationals.


“Unbelieveable, Ladies and Gentlemen, this game is history and the Nationals hold on to a perfect record of 11 and 0.  You’ll have to tune in next week for the final game of the season.  Can the Nationals go all the way?  With a star player like Catia it’s hard to see it any other way.”


“Kalina wants to know, Is the game finally over now?”


“Brother Radek is already in his sports car and is waving bye to the crowd!”


“That’s all from Sports side!!  Be sure to have a nice day.”

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