Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall Has Fallen

Spring has sprung, Summer has come, Fall has Fallen, Winter is on its way without delay, and now warmer weather is calling.

A Well Kept Barn The Leaves Are Close To Their Peak The Fields Have Been Cut Another Beautiful Farm The Golden Corn Waiting To Be Cut Michigan Has Lots of Farms and Barns This Is Much Prettier In Real Life A Lake Scene Home Sweet Home

Today we begin our trek south.  We have a two and a half hour drive to Fenton, Michigan where the tires will be changed out on the coach.  Then we will stop by Shirley (Judy’s sister) and Warren’s for a couple of days.

It’s amazing how fast two and a half weeks have passed.  We’ll miss Ray and Pat; they have been fantastic hosts and we have enjoyed our stay with them.  They’ll be stopping by the Plantation sometime during this coming winter/spring and we’ll be back to our roost in the north next summer, this is too great of a campground to pass up.  We’re looking forward to our next get together with them.

Until tomorrow . . . . . .



    The pictures are great.

    Stay Safe

  2. Love your entry today. So true to the words, wish I would have thought of it! Geeze, you guys are a kindra to my own heart. Safe travling

  3. Okay, so where's the lake in "The Lake Scene"??? :)

  4. It's part of the Canadian Lakes chain. These are a series "man made" lakes where the well to do folks build their "bungalows". They are all located in Mecosta county along with Blue Lake, Round Lake, and School Section Lake. In Michigan, no matter where you live, you are only twenty minutes away from a lake.