Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather ‘N Stuff

That last few days has been extremely “muggy” around here.  At least we’ve been spared all the horrendous weather that has been plaguing our country’s mid section.  Sunday night brought us some hardcore thunderstorms, but, other than that, it has been relatively calm.

NOAA is predicting a warmer, dryer winter for the south.  After last year’s extravaganza that will be very much welcomed.  We nearly froze our derrières off last winter.  Also, the area where we park the truck turned into a mud hole; so warmer, dryer will fit our fancy just fine.

Yesterday was shopping day and, as usual, our first shopping trip back in ‘Bama always leaves us with “sticker shock”.  Groceries are expensive down here in the southland, but couple that with a sales tax of 8% on food and you rack up one heck of a tally.  In any event, the nuts have been gathered, brought in, and stowed for a long fall’s day.

Today it’s back onto the “Ol’ Ta Do List”.  I’m going to start a several day washing/waxing event.  I’ll start with washing the roof of the RV, then move onto the RV itself, and finish with washing the truck (not all in one day).  Then it will be “wax on, wax off”.  Hopefully I’ll have that all behind me within a week or so (there’s some rain in the forecast which will slow me down a little).

One of these fine days we want to make a run to the beach with lawn chairs and books in hand.  We just love strolling on the white sandy beach as well as sitting and watching the birds, waves, and people.  It’s nice and quiet this time of year lending itself to a nice reading environment.  We’ll never forget our first encounter with the Gulf Shores’ beach back in October of 2006.  It was the main attraction that drew us back to this area.

Gulf Shores, Alabama - 2006Gulf Shores, Alabama - 2006Gulf Shores, Alamaba - 2006Gulf Shores, Alabama - 2006

Thar ya have it for today.  Have fun today, but try to stay out of trouble.  Until next time . . . . .

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  1. We're in the middle of waxing our MH. Gotta take a break to let the arms rest while it rains. We're using Rejex and it sure is shiny and slick. Use a thin application for best results.

    We hope to stay at the Plantation in a couple of years when we finally hit the road. See ya...