Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kicking Back In Holly

“Early to bed, early to rise, and your girl goes out with other guys!!”  Oh well, it was early to bed anyway – for both of us, actually.  Then we were up waaaaay before the crack of dawn; somewhere between a quarter after dark and oh dark thirty.  We even had to kick the rooster in the pants to get him started this morning.

We spent the day yesterday hanging around with Shirley and Warren; Judy with Shirley and I with Warren.  They have just finished up a two month stint at the Renaissance Festival in Michigan where they have a booth so it’s now time for them to unwind a little.  However, Warren unwinds by doing some kind of a project in one of his shops – this time it was relocating a drill press from storage into his tractor garage.

That required cleaning out an area in the garage and relocating some shelving (and all the “stuff” on the shelving) before building a workbench in place to mount the drill press on.  We paced ourselves and took our time making it a nice little project.

Judy and Shirley ran a few errands, picked some apples, and did some baking.  Again, they paced themselves making it a pleasant day for them as well.  We’ve enjoyed our two days here, but now it’s time to start making tracks toward the grand kids.  But, before we head out, here’s a picture of our digs next to the tractor barn.

Another Nice Country Setting To Park Our Rig In

Judy likes Shirley’s Burning Bush so she snapped this picture as the sun was setting.

Burning Bush

We were going to stop over at Big Bone Lick State Park tonight, but the name scared me so we are going to stay at Grandma’s RV Park instead.  Maybe granny will have a nice hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream waiting for us – don’t hold your breath!!  That will put the “lion’s share” of the trip to Tennessee behind us just leaving a three hour travel day for tomorrow.

It’s time to make the coffee so we’ll catch ya again tomorrow.  Take care and don’t work to hard.

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  1. Love the burning bush! I'm thinking of putting one in my front yard where we took the juniper down when the front deck was built. I like the red against the white house.

    Safe travels!