Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends And Food

Have I ever told you that one of the best parts of this lifestyle is the people you meet along the way?  Just a million times!!!  Another one is the freedom that we have, but that’s not what this journal entry is about.

Two weeks ago Gene, Judi, Judy, and I drove over to Defeated Creek Campground in Carthage, Tennessee to join a whole herd of Escapees for a Happy Hour.  While we were there we met several new friends for life.  One of those couples was John and Sandy who are relatively new fulltimers having begun their trek in January of this year.  You can read all about their journeys on their blog entitled Mothership RV.

John and Sandy

Having said all of that, John and Sandy arrived at Rainbow Plantation yesterday afternoon.  Jim and Ellie organized the traditional travel day meal.  Our evening began with a Happy Hour on the patio with appetizers and wine.

Jim, Ellie, and Sandy All The World's Problems Are Solved - What Do We Do Now?

Then we shared a nice spaghetti/chicken casserole with a garden salad and garlic bread followed by a piece of homemade apple pie for desert.  We even had some apple wine to sip with our pie.  The meal was yummy.

Ellie Demos Jim's Electric Pepper Mill - Ya Gotta Luv It!!!

But, the best part of the evening was sharing time with friends.  There was plenty of lively conversation and lots of laughs.  You’d have thought that we had all lived in the same town and known each other for years.  That’s a great thing about RVing people; there are no strangers.  The evening came to an end waaaaay to sooooon.  The good news is that Jim and Ellie and John and Sandy will still be around for another three weeks.  Yay!!!  We enjoy spending time with our new playmates.

Until Tomorrow . . . . . .


  1. Yes indeed, we had fun. We're beyond blessed, and feel the same about new, great friends!

  2. What a great evening! The food was wonderful, but sharing the evening with friends was priceless. Looking forward to spending more time with the both of you.