Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wrapping Up In Holly

Way back before spring had sprung, our plans called for us to be spending the Labor Day weekend with my aunt Marge on the Cape.  That would have left us fleeing the throws of Hurricane Earl.  As luck would have it, Marge’s plans changed so we had to find another port to spend the holiday weekend in; that port became the Chapter 6 Rally in Corunna, Michigan which is many miles away from Earl’s reach.  See, things do work out for the best.

I spent yesterday morning working in the shop with Warren cutting out toy cars on the band saw.  I enjoy woodworking so this was more fun than work.  In the meantime, Miss Judy took the morning to get caught up on our paperwork.  Yep, fulltime RVers have paperwork to do just like when we lived in a “real house”; just not as much of it as before.

Yesterday afternoon the four of us made a run into town; i.e., Walmart, Tractor Supply Company, and Discount Tire.  Just as promised, they got the replacement tire in, mounted it, and spun balanced it. 

Just to side track for a moment, the manager at Discount Tire will credit us almost full price for the Carlisle tires toward the price of some Michelin XPS RIB tires which is what we have decided to replace them with.  Carlisle’s ST tires do not have a good reputation; they have a high incident of blow outs.  For more information on that, just type “Carlisle Tires” into your search engine.  So, when we return to Michigan after the Escapade, we will stop by Discount Tire and have the tires replaced.  This is another company that we would highly recommend for supplying your tire needs.

Last night we had a Lindsey family cookout, however, it was pouring so it became a cook-in.  It was still good, none the less, and good to see Warren and Shirley’s kids and grandkids.  Their daughter, Nanette, and son, Warren, were the flower girl and ring bearer in our wedding way back when we were young, skinny, and good looking.  We’re still good looking but whatever happened to young and skinny?

Darrell and Judy PattersonThe Wedding Party

This morning we will make the 35 mile trek over to the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds to meet up with our playmates for four days of playing hard.  Following that, we have a case of wine looking for a home in Indiana so it will be another social event at the Elkhart Campground for a few days before the Escapade.  So, put the coffee on Norm, we’re heading your way.

Be sure to check in tomorrow, I’m sure that there will be some pictures of all the silliness that takes place at these chapter rallies.

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