Friday, September 03, 2010

Chapter 6 Rally

We arrived at the Shiawassee County Fairground in Corunna, Michigan without incident, however, it was raining when we arrived so we had to set up in the rain.  Our “site” is level from side to side, but I had to lower the front jacks right to the bottom in order to get level from front to back (just don’t try to walk under the front of the rig).

How Low Can You Go?

Miss Judy managed to take a tumble from the chair that she was standing in while putting her bears up on top of the slideout.  She banged her knee - requiring bandaging, scrapped her thigh - also requiring bandaging, and bruised her upper leg and torso.  Then Diane, who was assisting with nursing Judy back to health, slipped and fell down our steps while leaving the rig – sheesh, I was beginning to think that it was the unofficial start of the tumble turd derby.  Fortunately she wasn’t seriously hurt, but she’s probably going to be feeling it this morning.

We had lunch and then went over to register for the rally. 

There Are Over Thirty Rigs At The Rally

Once that was accomplished, we stopped by to visit Norm and Linda for a little while.  Then it was back home to prepare a dish for the pot luck dinner at 5:30.  We attended the social hour at 4:00 outlining the agenda for the next few days.  We’re looking forward to enjoying the Labor Day Weekend with friends. 

Our Host - Doug Social Time - Good Time

After dinner we were treated to a beautiful rainbow that crossed the entire southern sky; the actual event was prettier than the picture.

Thank You, Lord!

Today things really get underway so we had better get going for breakfast at the 4-H Restaurant located right here on the fairgrounds.  There are a couple of events planned with lunch in the huge metropolis of Durand, Michigan.  Should be fun!  The best part of these rallies is the meeting up with our old friends (not that our friends are old) and making new ones.  One just can’t have enough friends!!!

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  1. Ouch! Miss Judy needs to be nursed back to full health!! Darrell - get busy!