Monday, September 20, 2010

A Nice Fall Sunday

The house looked like it was called for and couldn’t come so we spent periods of time (off again, on again) cleaning and doing routine household chores.  Now, only the desk looks like a tornado passed through.

Judy's Picture Of The Day

In the midst of doing our chores, we went outside and sat around the fire with Ray and Pat.  They were celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary, Happy Anniversary to them, and it was our privilege to celebrate it with them.

Sitting Around The Campfire

The temperatures remained in the low sixties, but with no wind it was quite pleasant outside, however, this is a Sunday and you all know what happens on Sunday afternoon – Football.  We don’t like professional football as well as college ball, but the Patriots were playing and that says it all!

The Leaves Are Beginning To Change

Last evening we joined Ray and Pat for some lively conversation and ummm, ummm good dessert.  Pat whipped up a home made blueberry pie (made with blueberries that she had picked this summer) and served it with a nice dish of ice cream.  Our discussion flowed from one topic to another, but pretty much surrounded the RVing lifestyle.  They began their travels back in 1995 so they have lots of stories to share.

We spent the rest of the day watching television and playing on our computers.  Never did sit outside to just read a book; maybe today.

Speaking of today, since it has felt so good to take a few days off, we decided to take another day off.  That means that we will be hanging around the house again today. 

I plan to start crossing things off the “Ta Do” List while Judy has a couple of craft projects that she’s working on; one quilting project and one scrapbooking project.  Here’s the “Ta Do” List that I hope to get accomplished while here in Mecosta:

  • Repair the damage from the blowouts (includes painting both fenders)
  • Restring three day night shades (Ray has three that need restringing as well)
  • Wash all the windows (outside and inside)
  • Repair the ceiling light in the kitchen (this will be a five minute project)
  • And, if there’s time, repair the hole that was punched in the gel coat under the “gooseneck”.

Also, Ray has a couple of RV projects that he would like some help with.  They are upgrading their TV so we need to reconfigure the entertainment center.  Plus, like most entertainment centers, there is an abundance of cables that seem to run everywhere without any rhyme or reason so we will attempt to neatly bundle them up, eliminating some if possible.  

That should keep us busy for awhile, however, we plan to take it real slow and easy over the next two weeks.  We’ve been on the go all summer long and are immensely enjoying this laid back lifestyle.  Until tomorrow . . . . . .

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