Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Trip To The Orchards

What a great day.  It was cool and the sun never made it out.  It definitely had autumn written all over it.  The kind of day where you put on your sweats, light a fire in the fire place, turn on the ball game, and lean back in your recliner with a katt in your lap.  Yep, fall is in the air; now all we need is a pile of burning leaves to add to the ambiance.

What else comes with fall?  Why, apple pickin’ time and that’s just what our northeastern grand kids, and their parents, have been up to.  Here is a photo journal capturing the event.

First you round up the kids and pack them into the “kah”.

Packin' The Kah - Lola and Briana

It’s never a short trip when kids are involved even if the apple orchard is only twenty minutes from your house - “Are We There Yet?”  “Yep, we’re here, finally!”

Thank God We've Finally Arrived - Marc and Rocco

Let’s take a family picture so we can attest to the fact that everyone arrived safely at the orchard with no little kids injured enroute.  (Note, some have already found their apples and are sampling the wares.)

Arrived Safely - Rocco, Briana, Amie, Marc, and Lola

Now let the pickin’ begin.  “Lola, ya can’t eat’em all, ya gotta put some of the apples in the basket!” 

Lola returns with two apples - oops, there are pieces missing off from one!

“See Rocco, once you think you’ve found the perfect apple you need to check it over very, very closely for worm holes.  Ya don’t wanna bite into an apple and see a half of worm now, do you?”

Briana and Rocco

“Now it’s your turn to select an apple and inspect it, Rocco.”  Lola learned how to inspect apples last year; she’s inspector number 9.

Rocco, Briana, and Lola picking and inspecting

With a little training Rocco is good to go.  Now he’s inspector number 11.

No Worm Holes Here!  -  Rocco

Okay gang, the basket is full.  It’s break time!!

Tough Union - Breaks are in the contract.

One last bite and we’re outta here!! 

Rocco, Briana, Amie, Lola

So there you have it, a day in the country during apple pickin’ time.  Now, just don’t sit thar, go round up the kids/grandkids and head out for the orchards.  It’s a lot of fun and those apples won’t wait forever ya know!!!

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