Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Favorite Watering Hole

The Gazelles of Africa have nothing on us, we can locate a new watering hole in a heartbeat.  And a new watering hole we found.  Being that Randy and Terry were still in town, at least for three quarters of the day, we (Randy, Terry, Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I) decided it was time to visit Panini Pete’s which is located in the French Quarter of Fairhope.




Lots of people had told us that Panini Pete’s had wonderful sandwiches plus they had been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives a few years back.  Not only that, but their muffaletta sandwiches have appeared on the “100 Things You Need To Eat Before You Die” list.  So the six of us made hasty tracks toward the French Quarter.


There were several excellent sandwich choices on the menu plus they had a couple daily specials.  Mike decided to try one of the specials while the rest of us all had the muffalettas.  Oooooh, was that sandwich ever good (visit Mike’s blog for more pictures).  We’ll most definitely have to return here often as Panini Pete’s has now risen right up there next to Big Daddy’s as a favorite watering hole.

After returning to the Plantation, we said good-bye to Randy and Terry as they headed back to Bonifay, Florida where they are workamping this winter.  Then we visited with Mike and Peggy for a little while.  I assisted Mike in installing his new inverter.  It didn’t work as expected which means that Mikee is going to have to make some electrical modifications to the coach.  Good thing he’s an electrical genius so this will just be a little task for him.

We returned home for some relaxing, reading, and reruns (of West Wing, that is).  That wrapped up another day here in the southland.  We have another outing planned for today and there’s now 12 more sleeps before we head out on our spring fling.

Take Care For Now and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. Nothing like scratching things off the list especially those things you need to eat before you die...sounds like you enjoyed for sure....I all in for eating at great places for sure.