Friday, February 10, 2012

Some Yummy Thoughts

“Second verse, same as the first.”  Yep, yesterday was pretty much a repeat of Wednesday - wax on, wax off.  Judy had her dentist appointment yesterday morning so she had taken my step ladder extension into Foley (I use the truck bed to put may ladder in so I can reach the top of the front cap); therefore, I didn’t get the front of the RV waxed.  So, today I plan to borrow Mikee’s buffer to finish my waxing marathon.  Now if any of you want lessons on waxing an RV, drop on by.  I will supply the RV, the wax, and the lesson, all free of charge.

Now onto more interesting things – Pizza.  Yes indeed, pizza is an interesting topic.  It’s generally round, it comes in different sizes (small 10”, medium 14”, or large 16”), and it has a diverse range of toppings.  And, on top of all of that, it’s just got to be one of the yummiest foods in the whole wide world.  Why, man could live on pizza alone. 

Just imagine pizza for breakfast.  You can do it.  “They” (who ever they are) have a nice glazed cinnamon and sugared pizza which would compliment your morning cup of Joe just fine.  Pizza for lunch.  Yep, “they” (who ever they are) sell pizza by the slice so you can chow down on favorite flavors right there on the sidewalk while swilling down a beer (root beer, of course).  Pizza for dinner.  You bet, “they” (who ever they are) have an immense range of specialty pizzas to choose from.  You can have a different gourmet meal everyday of the week for a whole month without eating the same pizza twice. 

There’s thin crust, thick crust, hand tossed crust, wheat crust, and whatever crust you can dream up.  Then you can have tomato sauce, oil and garlic sauce, scampi sauce, and so forth and so on.  Next add some cheese.  You can have yours with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, asiago cheese, or a mixture of several different cheeses just to name a few.  Toppings? Oh brother, there are so many choices of toppings that I’m not even going to start to list them.

Plus, you can find pizza everywhere you travel.  I doubt that there’s hardly a town anywhere in the United States where you can’t find a pizza.  And, just about everywhere you travel you can find regional pizzas such as a Chicago style, a New York style, Ohio Valley style, Midwest style, California style, etc., etc..  Now, you may ask, “What’s the point to all of this?” 

Well, I said all of that just to say this.  Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I have enjoyed pizza in several different areas around the United States.  The first time was at Capri Pizza in Lake George, New York where we dined on a great New York style pizza - yummy.  Then there was Pizza Time in St. Augustine, Florida where they serve Greek style pizza – oh so good.  We can’t forget to mention The Cabin in Bath, Maine where we smacked our lips on a nice shrimp scampi pizza – to die for.  And, of course, Foley, Alabama where we have partaken in a variety of specialty pizzas at the Mellow Mushroom – um, um good.

In a couple more weeks the four of us will be traveling together with stops in Louisiana and Texas.  “They” (whoever they are) now have a Big Easy style pizza in New Orleans and a Big-Ass Texas style pizza in San Antonio (probably that’s just what we’ll have if we keep eating all this pizza).  Anyway, on top of traveling and seeing all the sites, this gives us something really important to look forward to.  Never found a pizza that we didn’t like, some’s just better than others.

Hope you have a pizza friendly day and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - -

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