Sunday, February 26, 2012

It’s A Dinner Party At The Patterson’s

We kicked off the day preparing a nice George Patterson “Signature” Fish Chowdah for yesterday evening’s dinner party.  Then it was off to the clubhouse for breakfast of Eggs Larry’s Style which means that you can order whatever you like, but when you get them they maybe something other than what you ordered.  It all depends on what happens on the grill, but mine were exactly as I requested.  There were fried ‘taters, an apple dish, bacon or sausage, and a biscuit with orange juice and coffee.  Not bad for three dollars and fifty cents.

After breakfast it was home to spend the day doing all the things that we should have been doing all along in preparation for this morning’s departure.  More and more little items kept crawling onto the “Ol’ Ta Do List”, but we were able to whip it back into shape.  Finally, we scraped the bottom of the barrel and got to sit down for a few minutes.

Our dinner guests were scheduled to arrive around five o’clock.  We had wanted Gary and Millie to join us in Topsham last summer for a nice fish chowdah, but they didn’t get to Maine until after we had relocated to Belfast so it never happened; therefore, we brought some “frozen at sea” haddock back with us so we could have a nice New England Fish Chowdah right here in L. A..  So Gary and Millie, Norm and Linda, and Don and Gloria, and Mike and Peggy joined with Judy and I for an evening of beverage, fun, food, and fellowship. 

Judy baked some nice home made French bread and Gloria brought a nice fresh salad dish with a couple of different dressings to have with the chowdah.  Norm stayed up half the night before preparing four different flavors of cheese cakes for dessert.  Peggy and Linda supplied the wine which, along with the conversation, flowed freely as a good time was being had by all.  It was a great evening with great friends and we look forward to many, many more down life’s road.

We’ve been told that our katts are spoiled rotten, but if you ask them they’ll tell you it is not so.  Slightly pampered, maybe, but never spoiled.  Here they are on the sofa, with their cuddle blankies, watching Animal Planet’s Katts 101, one of their favorite television shows.  “Got any more katt nip?”


Now we’re already to head out and where’s Alex?  Here he is trying to hide under the rug so we can’t find him and put him in the truck.  Silly katt, you’re too big to hide under that rug!  “And away we go!!”


We’re off, see all y’all from New Orleans tomorrow.  In the meantime, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - -


  1. Can't believe you didn't get some pictures of that group. Wait, maybe that's a good thing . . . Safe travels to you, brother.

  2. Yea...what Terry said!! Safe travels and enjoy the journey!!

  3. Great to see y'all! Safe travels. Enjoy N'awlins!

  4. safe travels guys...let us know where you stayed in NO please we're headed that way....