Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dell Gives Up The Ghost

“Judy’s computer used to love her, but she died.  Chicken ain’t chicken ‘til it’s licking good fried.”  Yep, Judy got up this morning and attempted to log on to her computer, but nothing.  No whirring, no picture, no nutin’; just a black screen.  Dell must have passed during the night because Judy was using her computer last night before heading to bed.  We knew she was getting old.  We purchased her back in the fall of oh-six, that makes her around 1,320 years old in electronic years.  So, it looks like it’s time to upgrade once again.

Judy can get by without a lot of things, but don’t take away her cell phone or her internet access.  Those are almost as essential to her as life blood.  She needs them as much as she needs air in her lungs.  So, we’ll have to get right onto this issue for a quick resolution – there won’t even be time for a funeral and a burial for her old Dell computer.

Yesterday was a storm day, but we did get over to the clubhouse for “breakfast with the king” and queen.  Allan and Jeanne had driven over from Mississippi to visit us, so we had them over for dinner last night.  Other than that, we just stayed inside and cooked and napped and napped.  And rain it did, Lake Gitchagummie formed in front of our rig.

Well, I’m going to be a good husband at this point and let Miss Judy logon to the internet with my computer so it’s bye, bye for now.

Be Sure To Worship and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - -


  1. Poor Judy....I know how she feels...go ger her a nice Mac Book Pro Darrell :)

    1. I understand how Judy feels about the computer. It comes first and then the cell phone. Not sure where Allan fits into that list. lol Allan is #1 on my list. We really enjoyed our weekend at the Plantation. Thanks for the invite. The celebration, food, friendship, and church were great. See ya down the road.