Saturday, February 11, 2012

The End Is Within Sight

All that talk about pizza had made us hungry so last night for dinner we had grilled chicken and spaghetti with clam sauce.  Yep, you thought we had pizza, didn’t you?  Well, the four of us had had pizza at Mellow Mushroom on Thursday night so it was time for Judy and I to upgrade the menu just a tad.

Judy now has all six rows of the Scrappy Quilt Of Many Colors sewed together, now she has to add the sashings between the rows and sew them together followed by adding the borders around the edges.  Next comes the batting, the back cover, and the hand quilting.  She just may finish it before we point our noses west.  But what about Alex’s cuddle blankie?  That’s a good question, Alex is wishing and hoping.

I finished all the waxing that I’m going to do this time around.  That is, both end caps and the four corner panels where the water runs off from the gutters.  I really like the Meguiar’s #56 wax, but next time I’ll be sure to polish the rig with Mequiar’s #55 polish first.  There was oxidation taking place and the wax pulled a lot of “gunk” out of the pores which tended to dull the finish.  You need a really clean surface before applying the wax.

I borrowed Mikee’s buffer and it became a comedy of events; I Love Lucy has nothing on me.  First, my heavy duty extension cord was too thick to go through the clips on the buffer that keeps it from unplugging, so I attempted to tie it around the handle.  When I did this I broke a wire off inside the outlet end of the extension cord.  So, I got out another smaller extension cord, but it was too short to reach all the way to the top of the rig.  Next, while I was buffing the areas I could reach the whole pad assembly fell off the buffer. 

Now keep in mind that while all this was going on I was working off a ladder that was standing in the back of the truck so I would have to come down off the ladder, squeeze between the truck and the rig to climb down on to the ground, and then squeeze between the truck and the rig to climb back up, and so forth.  After the third time down I just put the buffer in the back seat of the truck, gathered up my rags, and proceeded to wax the rig the old fashioned way – by hand, wax on, wax off.

Mikee showed up and fixed the buffer, fixed my extension cord, and fired up the buffer which I used for the final final buffing.  It began raining later in the afternoon and the water just beaded up on the waxed finish and ran off, so mission accomplished.  I now know what kind of buffer I want when I finally get one – a six inch random orbital buffer without any handles on it.  Walmart has one that they sell for under $25.

Don’t tell Judy, but I, also, need to buy a pneumatic grease gun to use with my air compressor for greasing the wheel bearings and the new landing gear plus any grease fittings on the truck.  We have grease fittings on the coach’s wheels.  The last time I pulled the wheels to “hand” grease the bearings, I found that there was plenty of grease on them from when Norm and I had greased them using his pneumatic grease gun.  The key is to not over grease the bearings thereby breaking the seal.  Putting ten “shots” in each wheel once a year is enough to grease the bearings and not overfill them.

Anywhoo, I now have just a couple of areas to caulk, a couple of places to touch up paint, and apply 303 to the slideout gaskets; then the coach will be ready to do its thing.  However, there are still a few inside chores to finish up before we go.

Is all this talk about work tiring you out as much as it is me?  Hopefully the end is within sight.  In any event, we’re taking the next few days off.  Company’s coming and we have some get togethers planned.  So, guess who’s coming to dinner?  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

Bye, Bye For Now and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - -

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