Thursday, February 09, 2012

Projects, Friends, And 242

Meguiar’s Mirror Wax #56 with carnauba is a great wax and does a wonderful job.  I went to wash off my hands after waxing and even Lestoil had a hard time cutting through the wax.  It should last a good six months before requiring another wax job.  It did restore some of the luster to the Gel Coat end caps, however, I will use Meguiar’s #44 Paint Restorer or Mequiar’s #45 Boat/RV Polish next time before waxing.  That’s recommended to completely restore the finish before applying the wax.  The bottom line, Meguiar’s makes great products that do a great job.

Also, I will purchase a decent buffer to use that will do a much better job at deep cleaning, wax application, and buffing than hand waxing/shinning does.  I good buffer will provide a more even application and brighter shine after buffering.  It will be a bit more work and Meguiar’s is a lot more expensive than using Nu Finish, but we like our rig to shine, shine, shine and that it does.

Judy started sewing together her Scrappy Quilt Of Many Colors.  She has the first two rows sewed up.  Alex is waiting impatiently for his cuddle blankie which didn’t get worked on yesterday.  And, as you can tell by the first two paragraphs, I got some of my projects rolling along – still a little more caulking to do and more waxing to accomplish.

Jim and Linda (The Wanderings Of Emrys) arrived yesterday afternoon and we met up with them at the four o’clock social time.  We haven’t seen them since last year at Bristol, Tennessee.  Since then they have traded motorhomes and now have Emrys, a 2000 Newmar London Aire motorhome.  We look forward to getting together with them this afternoon and, hopefully, get a tour of Emry; he’s a real classy looking machine.

Last night was our home group “meeting”.  If you remember, it’s call a 242 Group because it is based on Acts 2:42.  “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  And, that is exactly what we do.  Each Wednesday evening we gather together for a time of fellowshipping with a meal followed by a Bible teaching and a time of prayer.  We have six couples and three singles in our group which bonds together very nicely.  The 242 Group is one of the things that makes it hard to leave the area for any length of time.

So there’s another day in the life.  Take Care and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - -

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