Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Errand Running Outing

It was an outing, but it was an outing to run errands.  We began by stopping by the bank to get a boat load of money.  Next was a stop at Blue Water Marine to pick up some Marguiar’s Number 56 wax with carnauba for waxing the front and back caps of the rig. 

Then we headed for S.E.A. Quilt Shop to get some fabric for the sashings on Miss Judy’s Scrappy Quilt Of Many Colors.  The blocks have all been sewed up and now it’s time to layout and sew the quilt together.  Judy found a nice purple colored fabric to use while the rest of the quilt is made out of “scrap” fabric leftover from prior projects; thereby, a Scrappy Quilt.

From there, we turned north again stopping by Home Depot to pick up a new spray head to replace the one that’s not working on the toilet.  Just a note here – Sealand wants sixty bucks for a replacement sprayer and Ace Hardware in Robertsdale (who have an RV section) could order it for $45 bucks.  I picked up a kitchen sink sprayer with the needed hose at Home Depot for fifteen dollars (including tax).

Next it was onto Tanger Mall and the Clark’s store to find some new tenny runners for Judy.  Clark’s are wonderfully made shoes with great arch support; we purchased our sandals there last fall.  They’re expensive, but are almost half price at the outlet store which makes them reasonable.  While we were checking out, Judy saw a purse that was screaming “take me home” so there went the savings on the shoes.  Oh well, Valentine’s day, her anniversary, and her birthday are all coming within the next month.

The truck was screaming “feed me, feed me” so we stopped by Dodge’s Convenience Store so the truck could have a snack.  Continuing north we stopped by the Post Office in Summerdale to mail out the grand kids Valentine’s Day cards.

We had some books to return to the library, so we headed further up the street to the Marjorie Younce Snook Public Library in downtown Summerdale.  While we were there the librarians were trying upload, with much difficulty, some books to their new Nooks.  So I walked them through the process and when we left there were a couple of happy librarians.

The next stop was at Robertsdale Feed and Seed to fill a propane tank and then Winn-Dixie for some milk.  Being that it was closing in on two o’clock and we hadn’t eaten since the last time, it was time to think about lunch.  There’s a Subway right next to the Winn-Dixie and, being that February is “five, five dollar, five dollar foot long” on all their subs, we anted up our pennies for a foot long to split.

Then we headed home to partake in our lunch and sit back to relax after our Errand Running Outing.  We joined Mike and Peggy for Martini Time – Mikee had a martini while I sipped tomato juice, Judy had iced tea, and Peggy drank water, but it still counts as Martini Time.

We finally settled in for the evening and watched the news (that was a bad idea) followed by a couple of episodes of West Wing.  Fuel prices are being launched into the stratosphere once again.  It’s a good thing that we are going to be w*rkamping at Hearthside Grove Luxury Motorcoach Resort this summer; it sounds like we are going to have to mortgage good ol’ number two diesel by summer’s end.

Phew, did that wear you out?  It did us.  Today we’ll pretty much hang around the house and work toward the completion of our projects – wax on, wax off for me and cutting out the sashings for Judy.

So, Bye, Bye For Now and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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