Sunday, September 09, 2012

Babies Come When Babies Come

“They” say that “no news is good news” but, “they” weren’t waiting for a new grand baby.  Baby Fortner is due “any minute now” since Thursday.  Mom to be is more than ready but, what’s this child doing?  S/He is just hanging out, carving her/his name into the walls, and getting a “kick” out of keeping his/her kin folk on pins and needles.  Yep, babies come when babies come.  We’re sure there will be news pretty soon.

Other than that, the Pink Panthers stand at 3 – 0 for the season.  With Catia’s offense/defense playing and Megan’s ball handling skills the Pink Panthers have become the team to beat.  Now, let’s not get too carried away G’Pa, soccer is a team sport and the Pink Panthers have a good team that works pretty well together.  It’s just that G’Pa might be just a little bit bias.

Being that Catia has been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma, she now has an inhaler.  She is supposed to take a “shot” about fifteen minutes before exercising (i.e. the beginning of a game).  She had to get another “shot” just before half time but, other than that, she is pretty much good to go.  With all the allergies that people are getting, one can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something in the air.  Anyway, Catia had a good game and she was able to play the whole game with renewed energy.

After the game we went shopping for the katts.  We’ve noticed that they tend to get stress out from time to time as we travel.  For some reason this campground is making them nervous; they jump at the slightest bump, thump, or noise.  So we decided to get a Feliway diffuser that releases pheromones into the air. 

Pheromones are chemical secretions that katts release from their cheeks that they use to mark their home.  That’s why they rub their faces across your hand or next to your leg or on the side of furniture, etc.; it proclaims ownership makes them feel safe and secure.  Feliway makes a pheromone spray and a diffuser that you plug in to work like plug-in air fresheners, however, there is no smell to humaniods, just katts.  Other RVers have had success with this product; only time will tell.

On our way home we picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza to have after church.  We attended the five o’clock service at World Outreach Church where Pastor Jackson had a wonderful message regarding present day prophecy.  The premise was that Prophecy = God’s Perspective and how we are in desperate need of God’s Perspective in living in today’s world.

After getting home, we spent time playing on our ‘puters before hitting the hay.  We like the fall weather but, there are two things that we don’t like.  One is that it doesn’t last long enough; if only fall was as long as winter.  The other is that it gets dark so dawg gone early.  Somewhere between seven thirty and eight o’clock darkness falls across the land.  That’s why nine o’clock is considered Escapees’ midnight.

Well, there you have it.  Another day in the life of the Wandering Americans.  As always, take time to worship God in all of His awesomeness and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -  

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