Friday, September 28, 2012

Making Our Way Home

It was a long but uneventful travel day.  Just after entering Georgia, we remembered that the Georgia Winery, one of our favorite wineries, is located at Exit 350 in Ringold, Georgia.  So we pulled off the interstate and pulled over to the side of the road to park the rig; the winery is only about a 100 yards off I-75.  I walked across the lawn and into the store to pick up four bottles of Judy’s favorite wine – Chattanooga Blush and Niagara.  Then we were on our way again.

There is a Flying-J about 30 miles further down the pike so we pulled in there to get the truck a drink of good old number 2 diesel and us a couple of slices of pizza for lunch.  Back on the road again for another three hours.  We pulled into the COE Holiday Campground on West Point Lake at about three thirty.  What a beautiful clean campground and with my Old Geezer’s Pass it is only twelve bucks a night.

Mike and Gerri had invited us for dinner so all we had to do was plug their address into Mrs. Landingham and we were on our way.  Gerri served us one scrumptious meal to say the least; we left stuffed to the gills.  It was good to catch up with them again and to see their beautiful home.  They have the neatest back yard; it’s a playground for the birds.


Unfortunately, with six hours of driving under our belts and a full belly, we began nodding off so we had to crawl out to the truck and make a bee line toward our PJs.  When we got home, we were treated to the remnants of a beautiful sunset across the lake.  By the way, these pictures are taken right from our site.

DSCF7233  DSCF7234

We’re not sure if there are any other people in the park; possibly just us and the two workamping couples.  The campground is closing for the season on Sunday so things are extremely quiet.  We’ve invited Mike and Gerri to come for a visit and are planning to burn something on the grill. 

The thought of having this whole campground to ourselves for the day is more than we can pass up; therefore, we’re going to give the truck the day off and just stay put.  We’ll drag the lawn chairs out and just sit on the beach while sipping iced tea and reading our Nooks.

One more sleep and five hours of driving and we’ll be home again, home again.

Take It Easy and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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  1. So good to see you guys again!! We really enjoyed catching up and sharing a meal together!! Looking forward to relaxing with you all this afternoon!!