Monday, September 24, 2012

Poor, Poor Belle

With all the pictures of Josiah and all the attention he’s been getting, Belle the dawg is feeling left out.  So here’s a picture of Belle in hopes of appeasing her.

Belle The Dawg

Remember a little over a week ago that I mentioned finding some very flavorful provolone cheese at Trader Joe’s?  And then I flashed back to the time that Ronnie Knight introduced the Patterson family to The Baltimore and the Big M sandwich.  Well, after writing about that, I got a hankering for a Big M sandwich and went about rounding up the required ingredients.  I already had the provolone cheese and found some very tasty Tyson’s Black Forest Ham in the sandwich meat case.  A nice Genoa Salami turned up at the deli so now all I needed was some Kaiser rolls.  None was to be found so I substituted with some Ciabatta bread.

Spread some French’s yellow Mustard liberally on the top and bottom portion of the roll, toss on two pieces of provolone cheese, add three slices of ham, and top it off with three slices of salami and, oh my gosh!!!  The Big M Sandwich is back.  I cannot tell a lie, ‘Twas Tasty!!!  ‘Twas Tasty, indeed.

Well, this is it.  We are heading out on the final leg of our 2012 journey and will beginning to make tracks back to Alabama.  It seems like it has been forever since we occupied our “camp site” at the Plantation.  We are looking forward to our arrival – tentatively Saturday.  So, this morning, it’s pack up the wagon, hitch up the mule, and “Wagons Ho!!”  “See Ya Down The Road.”

May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -