Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Ready To Roll

“The wheels are going turn, Tomorrow.  So ya gotta hang on ‘til Tomorrow.  Come what may Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  Ya gotta love Tomorrow!  Tomorrow is only a day away!”

Yep, it’s just one more sleep and then we are “On the road again”.  Being that baby Fortner is real close to making her/his entry into the world (s/he is just waiting until s/he raises enough cash to pay her/his debt to the Federal Gummint), we are going to make a mad two day dash to Alexandria.  Will we be there when the baby is born?  Maybe.  Anyhow, it’s about eleven and a half hours from here to there so we are going to take two days to make the trip.  Mary is more than ready to have this baby but, hang in there baby Fortner, Grandma and Grandpa are on their way.

Yesterday was a little longer “w*rk” day than normal.  Jackie is now attending training in Murfreesboro so she gets home at night, however, it’s still around six thirty.  Matt had to take Catia to soccer practice so Grandma and Grandpa stayed with Kalina and Radek until Jackie got home.  The kids were very, very good for us yesterday leaving us feeling more like grandparents than baby sitters.  That’s always nice.

Well, gotta run.  See Ya Tomorrow and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. Ha! This made me laugh! :) I think the GRANDPARENTS are the ones that are "more than ready" for the baby. I'm ready... but "more than ready" is probably pushing the truth JUST a bit. If I could be guaranteed to avoid an induction, I'd be happy to let this kid hang out for a little bit longer. Doctors are SO pushy about inductions these days- cause apparently the placenta just shrivels up and DIES at 40 weeks. Weirdos. (Drs - not you... well, maybe you're a bit of a weirdo too.) LOL. Happy Wednesday. See you soon. :)

    Ooo - and you should bring the katts to visit. Belle loves Katts. :)