Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby’s Coming, Baby’s Really Coming

Just what we like, a non-eventful travel day.  It was a six and a half hour trip from Shady Acres to Fort Chiswell RV Park in Virginia.  This is a really nice over night park with high ratings on RV Park Reviews and is just off I-81.  Being that we have about a five hour drive from here to either Bull Run Regional Park or Prince William RV Park, it makes a good half way stopping point whenever making this trip (which we will often as long as Mary and Joel live in Alexandria).

We will be staying at two different parks this time.  Tonight and tomorrow night at Bull Run and then the rest of the time at Prince William.  While at Prince William, we will look into volunteering opportunities at the National Forest for future visits.  Camp sites in this area are a little pricey so if we can offset the cost by doing a month long volunteer stint at Prince William Forest, it would be worth it.

No baby yet but, baby is fine getting a 10-10-10 rating by the doctor at yesterday’s appointment.  S/he’ll be coming just as soon as s/he finishes cleaning her/his house and negotiates an equitable life time contract.  We tried to get Mary to swallow a ball so baby would have something to play with but, she wasn’t really agreeable to that suggestion.  Anyway, baby’s coming, baby’s really coming.  Patience Grandpa, patience Grandma, patience.

So, it’s onto Centreville, Virginia.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. I know you all are sooooo excited!! We are too!!
    Be sure to drive safely!!

  2. You guy sure like driving hard. After about 4 hours or 200 mile, my butt says STOP! OK, I get it. You have a GM truck and I have a Ram.
    Travel safe.