Monday, September 03, 2012

Just A Kid At Heart

My bride says it takes so little to entertain me.  Do you remember the old cartoon strip “Calvin and Hobbes”?  I can’t help but think the author of that strip might have been one of my neighbors writing under a pseudo name.  Anyway, this morning I was watching one of the old Muppet skits; Rolfe was singing, “The Katt Came Back”.  It was great and I was totally amused; amused to the level of LOL.  That’s when Miss Judy said, “It takes so little to entertain you!!”

“Wellll, the katt came back, she wouldn’t stay away; sitting on the porch the very next day.  Yesss, the katt came back, she didn’t care to roam, so the very next day it was home sweet home.”

Now, we used to watch the Muppets when the kids were young.  Yep, we just had to have it on for the kids.  And it was absolutely necessary for me to monitor the show for content, you know. Smile  What can I say, I’m just a big kid at heart.  Here’s a link to that skit, just in case you’re interested (and I know you are).

Yesterday wasn’t as bad as the weather dudes had predicted so we decided to do our bi-monthly shopping.  We had quite a bit on the list but the total cost wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, however, we are back in the south, where Alabama and Tennessee tax food – fourteen dollars of the food tab went to the governor. 

Other than that, we just did a few chores and relaxed.  For some reason both Judy and my sinuses have been acting up; runny nose, itchy watering eyes, sneezing and wheezing, etc..  That’s enough to wear one down so a katt nap was in order – “Well, the katt nap came back”.  It was only a twenty minute nap but, it gave us the energy needed to go shopping.

It was muffulettas for dinner last night.  We still have a little muffuletta mix left from our New Orleans trip so we bought a loaf of Italian bread and toasted our muffulettas on the Foreman grill.  Ooooo, they were sooooo gooood.  By the way, that’s more of a Panini Pete’s muffuletta rather than N’awlins style muffuletta.  We still have enough “stuff” left over to have them one more time this coming week.

The overcast weather is hanging around for another day so we’ll just continue to get some R&R.  Judy will continue working on the baby Fortner quilt and I will get ready to shampoo the carpets.  We borrow Matt and Jackie’s shampooer a couple of times each year and do a “deep cleaning”.  I would like to tear up the carpeting and replace it with some vinyl planking but, that would mean redoing the kitchen flooring as well.  Maybe a winter project.  Anywhoo, today will just be another day at home.

Take Care and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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