Saturday, September 08, 2012

Nothing New Under The Sun

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!  That’s what we heard at zero five thirty this morning.  That and a twenty pound katt prancing back and forth over our comatose bodies as he was playing reveille.  And, to think, we had plans to sleep in this morning; so much for the well laid plans of mice and men.  Our day is underway.

The weather dudes had predicted severe thunderstorms were “fixinto” move through our area last night.  They began about 1:40 and continued until around 2:00.  A little heavy rain and some grumbling and they were gone.  I guess it was a little worse north of us but, thankfully, we didn’t get hit with any damaging winds or destructive hail. 

Okay, so what’s up for today?  There are the routine chores to be done, breakfast at Cracker Barrel to get some of those pecan pancakes, and at noon we’ll attend another soccer game – the Pink Panthers are playing the Blue Belles once again.  Hopefully Catia will not have any more asthma issues.  Then, later this afternoon we’ll attend the early service at World Outreach Church.

So, Terry, I guess we’re in a “routine” or is it a rut?  But, we’re enjoying life none the less.  And to think, shortly we’ll have one more grand child to love.  S/he is due any time now (babies come when babies come) and then we’ll be making a trip eastward to welcome her/him into the family.  Exciting times!!!  And this fulltime lifestyle allows us to be on hand to experience our grand children’s lives more often than we could have in the “normal” everyday life.

Have A Good Weekend and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -