Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spending The Day Outside

Being that we had a beautiful “camp site” with no other campers in our section of the park, we decided to spend the day at home.  Judy and I partook of our morning beverage on the “patio” overlooking the lake.  We fixed a nice breakfast of blueberry pancakes with real live maple syrup liberally poured on top.  Then, after doing a few chores, we went back outside to play several games of Bocce Ball.  Next we whipped up some nice raspberry iced tea, grabbed our Nooks, and sat back outside on the “patio” for some relaxing and reading. 

The first picture is from the road looking into our site while the next one is looking from the waterfront back up through our site.  What a big back yard!!!  You can double click on each picture to enlarge it.

DSCF7240  DSCF7245

This next shot is a zoomed in view from our chairs on the “patio” looking toward the lake with the second photo being taken from the waterfront looking across to the island where we watched the sunset on Thursday night.

DSCF7242  DSCF7244

And speaking of the sunset, here are a couple of photos of last night’s sunset.  You just might enjoy that last photo more by double clicking on it – it was a beautiful sunset.  What a great “camp site”.

DSCF7250  DSCF7248

Mike and Gerri arrived around twelve thirty.  We sat out enjoying each other’s company while chit chatting and sipping our beverages.  Then we threw some dead chicken on the grill.  Dinner was picnic style at the picnic table with the main course being the honey grilled chicken.  After dinner, we let our food digest for a few minutes while engaging in some more chit chat.  Then it was “let the games begin”.  The four of us played a couple games of backyard Bocce Ball.  Mike and Gerri had never played before, but it wasn’t long before they perfected their throws.  The guys won the first game and the gals won the second.  A good time was had by all.

Then, a little more chit chat and beverages.  Before you knew it, it was time to say, “So long for now.”  They are planning a trip to Rainbow Plantation between Thanksgiving and Christmas and we’d love to return to this COE park again in the future.  There are several site seeing opportunities in this area that we’d like to do and Mike and Gerri have signed on as our tour guides so, we’ll be back.

Today we’re heading to Sweet Home Alabama.  Hopefully we’ll arrive before noon Central Time so see ya from ‘Bama tomorrow.

Until Then, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. We really enjoyed our visit with you guys yesterday and yes your site was spectacular!! The food was excellent and the fellowship awesome!! We really enjoyed learning to play Bocce Ball and look forward to a rematch when we get to Rainbow in a few months!! I might do better on level ground, LOL!
    Safe travels and see you all soon!!

  2. I'm glad the chicken was dead before you threw it on the grill!! I really enjoy your blog, you think just like Al does :-).