Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Out On The Town

A hair cut, Judy, an oil change, Truck, a case of katt food, Katie/Alex.  Yep, it was another out and about town day for the Pattersons.  We no more than got home and it was out again for another soccer game.

Oh no, the Pink Panthers got their hinnies handed to them.  It was a little lopsided in that the PPs only had enough girls to fill the billets on the field when the Purple People Eaters had four girls in reserve.  That meant that the PPEs had substitutes allowing the girls to rest while the PP girls had to play the entire game with no replacements.  But they played with “a lot of heart” none the less.  Hopefully when they come up against this team the next time they will have a full roster.

We now have our travel plans set.  We’ll be heading for Virginia on Thursday morning.  It will be an twelve hour trip which will require two travel days.  We haven’t told Alex yet; he hates back to back travel days.  Hopefully he’ll settle down on as we travel on Friday.

Speaking of the katts.  They really like their “wet katt fude”; that’s why we had to pick up a case of it yesterday.  The main reason for feeding them some wet (canned) food is to keep the “hair balls” flowing through their systems.  Alex has been having some problems with hair balls.  Should a katt get a build up of hair in their stomach, it could cause them major problems requiring surgery so an ounce of protection is far better than a pound of cure.  Wet katt food has a lot of water in it that is needed to help wash the katt hair through their systems.

Two more days of baby sitting and then we can get back to being Grandma and Grandpa.  Being Grandma and Grandpa is far better than being baby sitters who have to discipline the munchkins and make them mind.  We’d much rather spoil them – buy them loud toys, feed them lots of sugar, and send them home.

Well, it’s time to get a “wiggle on” so, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. aww very hard to discipline the tots for sure...more fun to spoil them...

  2. Are you comin' our way -- we could use a Pa and Ms Judy fix??