Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chores And Projects

I like to hand wash and wax the rig at least twice a year.  That way I get to see “up close and personal” little problems or issues that are developing.  Our coach is now going on seven years old (it’s a 2006 but it was built in July and August of 2005 and we took delivery of it in September of 2005) and there are several caulking issues developing around the end caps and trim work.  We have some touch up paint and I will be needing to get that out as well.  Also, the upper level of the end caps are beginning to dull from constant exposer to UV rays; that will require polishing with carnauba wax and, most likely, some buffing thereafter. 

On top of that, our toilet is beginning to act up.  The gasket has begun to leak again leaving the toilet with no water in the bowl a couple of times a day, every so often the valve on the “foot flush” sticks not allowing the water to flow, and the sprayer has quit working.  I’ll have to see if there are any kits available to repair the toilet.  I looked for a new sprayer and found that it cost over $60; that’s ridiculous, I’ll bet I could modify a kitchen sprayer to work and that would be less than ten bucks.  I’ve found in the past that Home Depot and Lowes are a better places to shop than Camping World.  Just say, “RV part” and the price goes up exponentially.

As you can see, one can always find something else that needs to be done.  Living in an RV doesn’t negate the home maintenance line item from your agenda.  Whether you live in a “stix and brix” house or a house on wheels, they both need maintenance.  The big difference is where you repair things when they break; in your back yard or along the side of the road.  That’s why preventive maintenance is such a biggy for us fulltimers.

Judy has been working diligently on two different projects – making a “Scrappy Quilt Of Many Colors” and crocheting a cuddle blankie for Alex.  Both are coming along just fine; hopefully, she’ll finish the projects before we head west in March.  Here is a picture of Alex stretching out on Katie’s blankie and Katie waiting patiently, on the top of the sofa, for him to leave (this is why Judy is making him his own blankie).


Hope You Have A Great Day and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -     


  1. seems no matter what you live in there will always be maintenance issues for sure...we always try to stay on top of it all...as it can seem to be a never ending issue...love the 'kats'....so cute good luck with the toilet

  2. Hey Darrell...check on Amazon for any RV parts you need...I bet they have them! :-). Love Katie and Alex, they are beautiful. I have my pussy cat Mosey with me for a few days, while Grandma is on vacation. Its nice to have my cat around for a few days!