Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They’re Up And Running

We have officially rejoined the ranks of fulltime RVers and are no longer living in a mobile home on blocks.  The legs are now all wired up and fully operational and, oh boy, do they ever work.  No more grinding, bogging down, and/or jumping gears.  Just a smooth hum of the motors as the front of the coach rises to new heights.  And, we can tweak the side to side leveling with these new independent legs as well.  We just might have to buy two more levelers for the back of the coach and then we could level the entire coach with the push of a button (or two).

Now all we need to do is fabricate the new “door” to install in the propane tank housing.   Then, it will be “What’s next?”  Probably applying 303 on all the exposed rubber gaskets around the slideouts and onto the tires.  Then it will be the washing and waxing of the rig.  Also, there’s the annual “go through our stuff and get rid of what we’re not using” ritual.  There’s always plenty to be done.

We received calls from family members wondering where we were in regards to the tornadoes that hit Alabama yesterday.  Well, we were about two to three hours south of their track, however, there is a storm system that’s heading out of Texas which will cross right over us on Thursday.  We’ll just have to keep an eye on the weather to see if any actions will be required on our part.  Sure glad that the house is ready to roll, once again, should that become necessary.  Tornado season is getting an early start this year.

Last night we went to Ray and Pat’s for dinner.  Pat must have spent most of the day cooking and it was absolutely delicious.  She had prepared a roast beef, smashed ‘taters, carrots, squash, an apple/celery/raisin salad, yeast rolls, and chocolate chunk cookies.  Wow, was that ever a yummy meal.  Thanks Pat, you can cook for us any day of the week.  Oh yes, thanks to Ray for all the moral support to Pat and being a gracious host by sharing his chocolate chip cookies with us.

Bye, Bye For Now and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. Don't ya just love it when stuff works the way it's supposed to!!

  2. Glad you are back on the road! Safe travels.

    Mike and Dee

  3. glad you got the landing gear up and running...and supper sounds like it was wonderful!!!!

  4. I'm happy you're getting everything running again. Be safe!