Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Getting a Leg Up

Well, we no longer live in an RV but a mobile home on blocks.  The landing gear is free and guess what?  It works perfectly when there is no weight on the legs.  After considerable research, I think we are moving toward a solution.  I’m hoping to replace the cheap Venture system with Atwood’s direct drive landing legs.  Each leg has its own drive motor and would assist in leveling as well as raising and lowering the coach.  Once I get the driver side landing leg out and take some measurements I’ll be able to determine if the Atwood system will work.  It all comes down to the dimension between stop block brackets that are welded to the frame of the coach.

Other than that, I was able to take care of the commode issue.  With rubber gloves, a scrubbing pad sponge, and some Bar Keeper’s Friend I was able to clean the gasket and the toilet now holds water once again.  Bar Keeper’s Friend was recommended to us by a Sealand customer service rep for cleaning the bowl.  It can be purchased at Walmart in the detergent/cleansers section (generally found in the “A” bin – bottom shelf) and costs about a buck forty.

Judy and I did some household chores for the rest of the morning.  Judy attended the crocheting/knitting group at the clubhouse yesterday afternoon while I did my landing leg research.  Then we did some relaxing and reading.  Santa brought us the entire West Wing series for Christmas (one of our favorite television shows of all time) so we spent last evening watching a couple of episodes of West Wing – finally something decent on television with no commercials.

This morning Judy is off getting her blood work done.  I plan to defrost the refrigerator (it’s too cold to work outside on the landing gear today).  This afternoon we are volunteering at the Hope Center at church.  The Hope Center provides medical, dental, and counseling services to low income and/or no health insurance families.  Doctors, nurses, counselors, and administrative personnel volunteer their time to provide the services.  Judy will be volunteering in the office while I will be part of the Evangelism Team that does the intake portion of patient visits.

So that is the state of the affairs at Patterson household this third day of twenty twelve.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. good job on the commode issue now if the landing gear would be as easy and economical..then you'll smile :) hope the volunteering went well..how nice of you both