Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Writing About Nothing

This morning I sat there starring blankly at the blue screen, not the blue screen of death, but the blue screen of Live Writer which I use to write this blog.  What to write, what to write?  We didn’t do anything special yesterday; at least nothing noteworthy.  So what to write, what to write?  Absolutely nothing came to mind.

Is this what they call writer’s block?  Or have I just run out of ways to write about the same thing everyday?  Our life is not boring, but it’s not always the most exciting one either.  While we are here at the Plantation we tend to catch up on all our maintenance issues while engaging in our hobbies and spending a lot of time relaxing and reading.

So, like the old Seinfeld episode, this blog entry is about nothing.  There is a lot to be said about nothing.  At least nothing is not being sick, or having a lot of stress, or dealing with negative emotions, or digging out of debt, or being extremely busy.  Nothing can be a time of refreshment while waiting for the Mardi Gras celebrations to kick off in the area.  Nothing can be a time of reclining, relaxing, and reflecting.  So, I guess nothing is something to write about after all.

Hope your having a great nothing day and May God Bless - - - - - - - - 


  1. we had a pretty much nothing day yesterday....they're good days when your in the warm sunny weather....:)

  2. Even life on the road isn't exciting all the time is it? It's just life much of the time. But, what about tomorrow - maybe something exciting is just around the corner! Enjoyed your "Nothing" blog today.