Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lazy Bones And Katt Tales

Good morning, Alex here.  I hate to tell on dad, but he didn’t get his bag of bones out of bed until quarter after seven this morning.  Mom said, “It’s about time that you got up!”  I gotta tell ya, I’m no “lay a bed”.  I was up at quarter till five this morning.  Even mom wasn’t stirring at that hour and Katie never gets up before the sun’s out (she thinks that the sun rises when she does).  Anyway, the old man is getting a late start today so I got busy on the ‘puter just so’s you’d have something to read.

Yesterday, while dad and mom were at Home Depot buying the “stuff” needed to wire up the front jacks and to repair the propane tank housing, a bird flew right up to the window.  Katie and I tried to coax him into the house, but no deal.  We had visions of shish-kabob dancing in our heads.  But that bird must have had other ideas, like living to see another day, ‘cause he wouldn’t co-operate with us.

Anyway, dad and mom arrived home with “stuff” they needed so today I suppose dad will attempt to get the front jacks operational today.  He’ll just have to find something else for Mikee to do once he and Peggy arrive here from old-folks-land.  Most likely they’ll just enjoy “martini time” with frozen margarita’s and go to Big Daddy’s for shrimp while leaving us pussy katts to home. 

We never get to go anywhere unless the whole house goes.  Then we spend hours and hours traveling down the highways and by-ways.  It’s feast or famine.  Why don’t they take us to Pet Smart sometime and let us roam the store just to see what we could find to get into.  Katie and I might like this “shopping” thing if we were given the opportunity.

Oh well, that’s how it goes.  I guess Katie and I are pretty content staying right to home.  Our home sweet home is a nice little house on wheels.  We’ve been to places that other katts only dream about going and we’ve seen things that the average house katt never gets to see.  So, I guess, we’re pretty lucky felines. 

Plus we’ve never had to scrounge for our food like some alley katts have to do.  Our house has a magic closet where an endless supply of katt food comes from.  Mom just opens the closet door and there is a container with our dinner in it – it never runs out.  God is good to us just like the widow and her son during Elijah’s time.  Feast or famine, there’s always food in the magic closet.  So, we are, indeed, blessed.

Okay, dad’s fumbling around looking for his coffee so I had better get out of his recliner and give up the ‘puter, so you have yourself a purr-fect day.