Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Clincher

Finally, after a lot of hemming and hawing, we ordered the new Landing Gear System.  What did we settle on?  Well, the new Atwood system came with everything except the motor and that means that our old motor, which is now six years old with ?? number of hours of use on it, would become the weak link in the system.  And being that a new motor is around $180 dollars, that clinched the deal.  We decided it would be more prudent to get a whole new system rather than to fool around with any used parts.  So, drum roll please, we ordered the Ultra-Fab Electric Drive Landing Gear system. 

The price had increased from $453 to $464, but that’s because it is a newer version which is capable of handling up to 12,000 pounds (the older version only handled 8,000 pounds).  Either system is way over kill for us since we are less than 4,000 pounds of tongue weight, but it comes with two drive motors and eliminates the cross bar in the forward compartment that I always bump my head on when getting “stuff” out or putting “stuff” away.  Plus, each leg operates independently and will assist in side to side leveling.  Further, it is only $107 more than the Atwood system which makes it actually $73 less than an Atwood system with a new motor.

Now I need to get busy cutting an access window in the propane tank housing and figure out how I’m going to make up 3/8” difference on the top mounting bracket and the bracket stop.  If I have patience (I’m not known for that), I’ll wait for my electrician (Mikee) to show up to wire the up the system.  Oh yes, I’ll need to install a new “console”  to mount the switches on.  Hopefully everything will go just as slick as light snow on smooth ice, but there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.

Judy went to the doctor’s office yesterday morning for her annual checkup and has to have more tests run which were scheduled for tomorrow morning at 0715.  We think that the results will be just fine, but ya gotta go through the drill none the less.  While she was gone, Darrell did a “deep” vacuuming job on the house.  That means that he broke out both the upright vacuum (which does a better job on the carpeting) and the central vac attachments (which does better around the baseboards and on the ceramic floors).

Ray and Pat arrived at around 1700 hours and we had a great visit.  The eight bean soup (which is actually called a holiday soup mix) was wonderful.  Judy had to “doctor up” the recipe just a little which made the soup just plain yummy, yummy, yummy.  We had crackers and cheese as an appetizer, raspberry squares for dessert, and wine to wash it all down.  But, as always, it was the time spent with great friends that made the evening the best.

Rain has set in for the next couple of days, but we still have some outings on the docket so be sure to check in tomorrow to see what kind of mischief we got into.

Good Bye For Now And God Bless - - - - - - - - - -

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