Saturday, January 07, 2012

“Taking A Trip And Never Leaving The Farm”

So, Judy and I did a “virtual” trip yesterday reviewing the proposed stops/campgrounds, length of stay, etc. of our proposed travel plans.  The purpose was to put dollars and “sense” to our travels and validate it against our 2012 budget.  We were able to finalize the budget and are happy to report that “all systems are go!!” for the 2012 travel plans that we outlined yesterday.  Keep in mind, they are still carved in putty and subject to change at any whim.

I’ve, also, been doing further research on the landing leg issue.  The only conclusions that I can draw, after speaking with the “professionals”, is that the current system is either undersized for its application or the driver leg is a defective part (our rig seems to have attracted several defective parts during the manufacturing cycle). 

After a stroll around the park looking at legs (fifthwheel legs, not the ladies) I determined that most units use either the Venture system that we have or the Atwood system.  The “higher end” units such as Newmar, Hitch Hiker, and so forth use the Atwood system while the mid range units have the Venture. 

Dick and Jody’s Cypress is two thousand pounds heavier than our Cedar Creek and uses the Atwood heavy duty system which we can purchase online for $327.  The option of only purchasing an Atwood Driver Leg is still a possibility.  After considerable research I was able to ensure that the gearing is the same in both the Venture and the Atwood systems.  That would be the easy way out, but do we want a mismatched system?  Decisions, decisions – but, this morning, we are leaning toward the Atwood Heavy Duty system (however, I really like that Ultra-Fab system, but it would require some modifications to install).

Today Judy is going to play with her quilting project while I spread some paint around on canvas.  I’ve sketched a scene onto a canvas board and want to try my hand at painting once again.  Bob Ross inspires me to add some “happy” little clouds and trees into the painting as well as some rocks and bushes that “live right about here”.  So that should keep the two of us busy for a couple of hours, then we can sit back and read some more or just hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes for awhile.

So Long For Now And May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Do you plan your trips and stops on a computer program of some kind or do you do it the old fashion way with books and maps. We are headed west this summer and the planning is overwhelming to me. We seem to sometimes just wing it and hope for the best, but this is such a long trip we thought we actually need a plan.

  2. we sort of 'semi-plan' and then take it from there...plan to go then we just go I usually book in advance where we want to stay....good luck with the landing gear legs

  3. Darell,
    Good luck with the landing gear. I will be following the repairs since I may face the same issue with my Cedar Creek as it ages.
    For Shirley - Google maps works for us as we planned our trip from TX to North Carolina using that.