Thursday, January 26, 2012

Projects, Paperwork, And Pests

We can officially say that everything to do with the installation of the new landing gear is complete.  Yesterday I fabricated and installed the new panel door that covers the hole that I had to cut in the propane tank housing.  I put a piano hinge on one side and anchor screws on the other so that we’ll be able to gain access to the grease fitting at the top of the landing leg.  Now, to be honest with you, the whole job could have easily been done in a couple of days as I have less than eight hours of work in the whole project.  But, I “be” retired and there’s no reason to rush into these things.  We now believe in w*rking no more than two hours a day and just a couple of days a week.

While I was playing mechanic, Judy was busy working on her “Quilt Of Many Colors”.  She has 16 blocks all sewed up and another 8 cut out (she’s going to need about 40 in all).  There’s 13 different pieces to each block so the “Quilt Of Many Colors” is going to take her a couple more days.  If she works at it like I did the landing gear it will only take her a couple of years to finish it.  However, this is in the hobby column, not considered w*rk, so she can work on it more than a couple hours a day.  Her goal is to have the “Quilt Of Many Colors” finished by the end of February.

We’re “fixinto” get a severe weather pattern passing through Lower Alabama today.  It has potential for tornadoes, but will most likely be thunder and lightening with heavy rain.  It will probably pass through in a couple of hours somewhere between 10 and 2.  So, today Judy J. and I will have to play inside. 

Like everyone else in this world, we have paperwork to do.  This is the tax return time of year.  Plus, each year, when we do our taxes, we go through the two file drawers in our desk and shred all the unnecessary paperwork.  So maybe I’ll get started on all that today while Miss Judy continues building blocks for her quilt.

For some reason we have an abundance of small ants crawling all over the house, in the house, all over the shed, and in the shed.  When I say little ants, I mean little ants.  These things are about the size of “no see-ums”, but they’re everywhere.  So, after the rain passes through, I need to get the spray out and get busy spraying inside and out.  “Knock ‘em dead!!”

Well, “enuf is enuf” and this is more than “enuf” so, May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. sounds like you have sugar ants..we had the same prob here in florida...get some terro (we got it at walmart) and spray outside all along the landing gear and lot...we also put the little squares with drops of the stuff on it in the rig..under the slides and where the dogs can get at it...and it works really good...its sugary i think and they eat it and take it back to the queen....and everyone expires thankfully...good luck...quilt sounds wonderful...glad to see your slowing down a bit :)