Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Down, One To Go

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day to work outside so the “port” leg has been installed into the rig.  Ultra-Fab had emailed us a drawing of the their product and I figured the dimensions, however, what they didn’t include on the print was a fillet weld that holds the motor mount plate to the top of the main leg.  We need 21.5” from the bottom of the lower stop bracket to the top of the upper stop bracket.  The drawing dimensions were correct, but the weld required me to grind about 1/16 of an inch off of each bracket.  So, it took a little longer than anticipated to install the leg.  Now it’s onto the “starboard” leg which has even less maneuverability space to work in.

Yesterday morning I had made the meatballs, fried up some Italian sausage, and prepared the spaghetti sauce for our evening meal.  Judy made some brownies for dessert. Then she went for a walk while I wrestled with the landing gear leg.  After her walk she played with her new toy (sock loom).  Later in the afternoon you would have found both of us in our recliners reading in our Nooks.  One of us checked his eye lids for light leaks (not saying who).

Bois and Natasha, AKA Paul and Mary, (The Great RV Escape and Bullwinkle’s Travels) arrived at Rainbow Plantation around four o’clock and then showed up on our door step with a bottle of wine.  We had no choice but to let them in and feed the wayward travelers.  It was a great evening of chatting, chewing, and chuckling with the football playoff games playing in the background (with the sound muted).  It was nice to get to know Paul and Mary better as it has been a almost a year and a half since we first met them.  You meet the nicest people and make the greatest friends in this fulltime RVing lifestyle.

Life Is Good.  May God Bless.

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  1. Isnt' that the do meet the nicest people and make the greatest friends rving...looks like your mastering the landing gear repairs without too much difficulty..have a super week