Monday, July 05, 2010

The Belated Birthday Party

Yesterday morning was our grocery shopping day with a trip to Wally World.  It was in and out as quickly as we could so we could get home, get the provisions stored, and get ready for a party.  Yep, it was party time for one two year old little girl and, guess what?  She’s right on schedule for entering her “terrible twos”!

Aunt Mary and Uncle Joel came to the party while Dad Matthew and Mom Jackie prepared burgers and dawgs on the grill.  Grandma Judy made her world famous potato salad while Friend Duke rustled up some baked beans.  We had a garden salad for the health food factor and, of course, cake to celebrate the event.

The CakeThe Kid C is for cake, that's good enough for me!More Sugar Please

After the feast, Miss Kalina began opening her gifts.  It’s fun watching a two year old tear into a pile of wrapped presents.  Paper flies everywhere while excited anticipation bubbles forth from the little human life form.  A year ago she would open one gift and want to play with that toy but now, it’s tear open one gift, throw it aside, and go for the next.  What a difference a year brings. 

Get Ready, Get Set, Gooo!Shoes!!! Paper Everywhere!Watch Out For This One, It's Big And It Bites Bellies!!

Of course, we can’t leave without a picture of Kalina’s little brother.  Here’s Radek holding down Aunt Mary’s lap.

The Proud Aunt

Hope you all had a great fourth; besides celebrating our nation’s birthday it’s a great time for family gatherings.  As you can tell, we had a great fourth.

This is definitely going to be the lazy day that we’ve been looking for.  First of all, we slept in this morning with me not getting up until almost seven; the boss lady got up about 15 minutes before me.  Secondly, we have absolutely no plans what so ever to get into the truck.  Thirdly, it is going to be a hoooot and muuuuuggy day; a great day to stay inside to relax and read.

Now, the countdown begins.  We’ll be leaving this area on Thursday and making our way to Raccoon Valley so be on the alert Greg and Dawne, we’re heading your way.

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