Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Productive Non-productive Day

I’m in big trouble now!  My mornings will be shot for the rest of this week.  We discovered that one of my most favorite drama series is airing each weekday morning at eight, and then again at nine, o’clock.  I enjoyed this series so much that if I had an extra two hundred bucks floating around I would be online ordering it from Amazon.com as I write.

The West Wing first aired in September of 1999 produced 156 episodes ending in May of 2006.  The only problem with the show is that the Josiah Bartlett presidency was basically a liberal administration and I tend to be more conservative.  None the less, the show was well written, the casting was outstanding, and the acting was superb.  The show was thought provoking as well as entertaining whether you were a conservative, a liberal, a Democrat, a Republican, or anything in between.

Be that as it may.  It rained until about eleven o’clock yesterday morning at which time I began washing the rig.  Being that it remained overcast, I continued washing until most of the coach was done.  It’s raining again this morning, however, I should be able to find a couple windows of time throughout the day to finish washing the RV.

Then it will be the truck’s turn for a bath.  Speaking of the truck, it’s been three days since we have even been inside the truck.  Today would make number four except I have to turn it around and back it up to the RV so I can stand in the back of the truck in order to wash the front of the RV.  If it stays cool and the rain holds off, then I’ll wash the truck while I have all the “stuff” out.

We’ve decided to go ahead and replace the day/night shades with cordless blinds by Bali or Levelor.  Penney’s appears to be the best place to purchase these blinds as they have 60 to 70% discounts on them.  They would be extremely pricy otherwise.  As it is, it will cost around $60 a piece for our large windows – we have 9 windows in the living area to replace which calculates out to between $400 to $500.  We’ll wait until we get to New Hampshire where there is no sales tax to buy them.

Well, that’s about it for today.  Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be sunny days so we’re planning a trip to the Secret City; therefore, pictures are a’comin!!


  1. We never liked the day/night shades in our Brave. When one of them got messed up a couple years ago, Gin replaced all of them in the living area with mini blinds. They work for us.