Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting The Hang Of Relaxing

Holy Jumpin’ Up and Down!!!  Two days in a row without getting into the truck.  I can’t think of the last time that happened; I guess it was while the truck was in the garage for three weeks last winter but, Ron and Ruth had loaned us their second car so I’m not sure if we stayed put for two days in a row or not.

We attended the World Outreach Church yesterday morning at the Wandering Lodge Chapel (that be home sweet home) via the internet.  Pastor Allen’s sermons are recorded and available on the Church’s website.  It was a great message and we didn’t even have to get out of our jammies.  :-)

After doing our morning chores we moved our act outside where we sat in our reclining lawn chairs to read.  Paul and Linda stopped by for a visit and then it was time for lunch.  After lunch we returned to our reclining position for some more reading.  How nice and relaxing!!!!

At two o’clock we walked over to the clubhouse to listen to some bluegrass music – for us, a little bit of that goes a long, long way.  So at two thirty it was back to our recliners for some more sitting and reading.  Then it got just a tad bit warm so we waddled over to the pool for a cool dip.  How refreshing was that?

After our swim, it was back home to sit inside enjoying the coolness of the air conditioner.  We prepared our dinner of teriyaki pork and carrots which we grilled on the electric grill and served with a garden salad.  After dinner we spent some time on our ‘puters’ while watching (listening to) the news.

We borrowed a movie from the clubhouse for our evening entertainment but lost interest in that within fifteen minutes so we watched a NCIS marathon on the USA network.  It was another busy day of relaxing.  Ya know?  We’re starting to get the hang of this relaxing gig and, if I must say so myself, we’re getting pretty darned proficient at it.

Today I will begin washing the rig by getting started in the cool of the morning.  I will wash one section at a time and will quit when it starts getting warm.  By week’s end both the rig and the truck will be squeaky clean.  Judy has her quilting  projects to work on knowing that once we head out next Sunday it will be hit or miss for project time over the next couple of months.

Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days, however, we do have an outing to the Secret City planned for mid week.  Other than that, it will be the same ol’, same ol’.  Ta-ta for now.

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