Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Hanging Around

It was 58* outside this morning.  Woohooo, we haven’t seen 58* in over four months.  It’s great sleeping weather; we leave the windows open and just pull the cuddle blanket right up around our noses while we snuggle together.  What fun, brings back memories of when we lived here back in the 90’s.  Maine is one of our favorite spots and we’d move here in a heartbeat if only they’d do something about the snow and the taxes.

Yesterday started out with breakfast at the Copper Kettle restaurant with Mike and Peggy; yum, yum, every bit as good as Cracker Barrel at half the price.  Then we did some house cleaning (getting ready for company), took a little nap (still a little numb from that marathon travel day), and went over to Mike and Peggy’s for dinner (ummm, ummm goood).

Mike slow cooked some ribs on his new grill while Peggy doctored up some of Duke’s baked beans, made a salad, and baked some of the best corn bread that we’ve ever eaten.  As always, we had a great time just sitting around and chit chatting.  By the way, that was supposed to be our travel day meal but we faked them out by arriving a day early.

Today we’ve got some maintenance items on the RV to take care of, hair cuts for both of us, and a visit with an old friend from the past.   Then Wednesday Glen and Sylvia Avery and Mark and Dortha Hall will arrive for the Maine Event.  We certainly will be missing Randy, Terry, Gene, Judi, Mike, Gerri, Norm, and Linda at our little gathering up here in the Northeast but, we’re still fixinto have a great time.  And the weather is cooperating by being “just what the doctor ordered”.

Pictures will be coming, I promise.  We’ll be getting active again real soon so please hang in there.  In the meantime we’ll catch our breath and get ready for some more fast paced activities.  So, for now it’s Carpe Diem.

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  1. Wish we could be there for the Maine event! Have fun & post lots of pictures! Hugs to all of you, JoAnn