Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chores and More

Miss Judy left to got her hair done and while she was off doing that I took care of a few of our maintenance items – one of the light lens had fallen off the ceiling light which required a step ladder to reach (I had borrowed Mikee’s), the 30 amp fuse holder for the front jacks needed replacing (I replaced it with a 12 volt, 30 amp self setting circuit breaker), and the ends of the slide out awnings needed to be re-taped (again, requiring the use of Mikee’s step ladder).  I still need to get my hair cut, refill a tank of propane, and change the oil in the truck in order to clear all the items off the current “Ta Do List”.

After lunch, Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I went for a walk on the Brunswick Rails to Trails bike trail.  We only walked a portion of the trail which is two and three quarters of a mile long, however, we had a good walk and managed to get ourselves “clammy” thereby requiring an afternoon shower before heading out to meet our friend from the past, Guy.

We arrived at Guy’s log cabin around five o’clock and had a nice little visit before heading out to the Railway Cafe in Richmond.  The Railway Cafe is a nice quiet little restaurant with the same decor from it’s railroad station days.  They have “home styled” cooing with a very complete menu and reasonable prices.  We’ll want to visit there again whenever we’re in town. 

It was great to catch up with Guy as we hadn’t seen him in thirteen years.  He now has a place in Deer Isle as well as one in Missouri and California; amazing, four places for one person and here we are homeless!! 

Today will be the first day of the Maine Event.  Mark and Dortha should arrive sometime around noon and Glen and Sylvia should show up sometime mid afternoon.  “Let The Good Times Roll!!!”  Pictures tomorrow, for sure.


  1. Get those chores taken care of. We are on our way. Can't wait!

  2. You will absolutely love meeting Mark and Dortha --they are the nicest of the nice!!! Have fun!!

  3. You all behave now! Will be waiting to hear what you all get into.