Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Maine Event Begins

Yep, you almost heard it first right here (Dortha beat me to the punch).  The Maine Event got underway yesterday.  Mark and Dortha arrived a little after ten.  Then Dortha took control of the Phaeton and superbly backed it into it’s space while Mark orchestrated the process; what a team!!

The Halls Arrive

After they set up housekeeping the four of us sat around and got to know each other a little better.  It’s remarkable with RVers, we just seem to have known each other forever even though we just met.  Mike and Peggy came over about 12:30 and the discussion continued with Glen and Sylvia rolling in a little after 2:00.

The Averys Arrive

We all stood around wishing we had score cards to hold up as Glen backed the coach into it’s home for the next week.  I think he would have scored a 10-10-10 or, maybe, a 10-10-8, he almost ran me over!!

Camp Maine Event

Once Glen and Sylvia got situated we all manned (and womanned) our chairs while continuing to talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company until our belly’s began to squawk like seagulls.  Then it was off to Captain Mike’s for a scrumptious seafood dinner. 

Peggy, Judy, Sylvia, Dortha, Mark, Glen, Darrell, Mike

Once we satisfied our appetites we made a bee line back to the fairgrounds where we congregated once again.  The topics flowed from travels, to funny stories, to . . . ., well, you get the picture.  We did hold a committee meeting of sorts to sketch out an agenda for the week.  It still remains a little elusive but, just the way we like; we can “make up the rules as we go”.  We do, however, have a general idea of what we’ll be doing with eating being right up there near the top of the list.  Go figure!! 

Does the setting below look familiar to you fulltime RVers?  It happens anywhere that two or more rigs are parked next to each other.

The Group

Today we’ll get the lobstah stew brewing with a little sightseeing thrown in for later this afternoon.  I heard a rumor that a Fat Boy Frappe maybe in the offering for lunch.  I can guarantee that this isn’t going to be the week that any of us should be planning on starting a diet.

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  1. You all look great!! At least the best I can see through my "green-eyed" vision. :)