Friday, July 02, 2010

Plans Go Awry

“The best laid plans of mice and men!”  “All systems go!”  “Houston, we’ve got a problem!”  Yep, the count down is holding.  Radek had to spend another day in the hospital, he has a case of jaundice.  Nothing serious but requiring monitoring none the less.  Hopefully the count down will be restarted today.

Needless to say, there was one really, really disappointed big sister.  Catia, the one who wanted to take Radek home “right there and then” on Tuesday afternoon, was just a little upset.  Do you know how long 24 hours is for a five year old?  It’s an eternity!!!  “I’ll never get to see Radek come home!”

So, we are still on nanny duty.  Having slept in our own bed the last two nights, we’ve managed to renew our strength.  Yesterday I mowed the lawn and today I’m planning to run the “weed eater”.  Miss Judy will keep herself busy with some laundry, housework, and tending to the munchkins.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful, actually perfect, the last couple of days.  Night time temps dropping into the 60’s with day time highs being in the mid 80’s.  The humidity has been 40% or lower.  I hardly worked up a sweat while mowing the lawn.  These are our kind of days; now, if we can just keep them around for awhile.

Well, it’s time to get moving – the munchkins are waiting for GM and GP to show up.  Hopefully mother and child get sprung this morning and are able to come home today.

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