Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking All The Rules

“Oh what a beautiful morning,  Oh what a beautiful day,
The temperatures are in the 60’s,  The humidity has gone away!”

The sun was chirping loudly and the birds were brightly shining at six o’clock this morning and, yes my friends, we have out run the heat.  It feels soooooo good.  We did something last night that we haven’t done since, I don’t know when; we slept with the bedroom windows opened. 

We’re breaking all the rules in the book.  And being that we’re breaking all the rules in the book we decided to throw the dang book out.  Yesterday we did the unpardonable.  We loaded our carcasses into the truck and drove 520 miles from Hershey, Pennsylvania to Topsham, Maine.  It took us about nine and a half hours.  There goes the old 2-2-2 rule out the window.

When we arrived we were pretty much numbed from the experience.  “How on earth did you decide to pull a stunt like that?”, you may ask.  Well, it was two o’clock as we were nearing our exit for the Passport America Campground in Connecticut where we had planned to spend the night.  Miss Judy made the comment, “I sure wished we didn’t have to get into this truck again tomorrow!”  To which I replied, “It’s only another four hours, we’d be there by six.  Ya wanna keep goin’?”  She wasn’t sure so we pulled into a rest area, had a sandwich, walked about to stretch our legs, and contemplated the issue at hand. 

We both decided that we weren’t tired and could continue for awhile but, “four more hours?”  “Oh well, let’s give it a shot; we can always find somewhere to stop if we have to.”  So off we went.  It really turned out to be a good decision after all because there were several construction areas along the way that were unattended being that it was Sunday; on Monday they will be “full bore” again which would mean several delays.  Also, the traffic was fairly light and that made the trip a whole lot less stressful as New Englanders tend to be very aggressive drivers (they drive as if they are late getting to their own grave site).

Anywhoo, we are now in “Maine, The Way Life Should Be!” with day time temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s and 60’s during the night with low humidity – Ahhh, very comfortable.  This is the first time since the first of June that we haven’t seen a day with temperatures in the 90’s.  Relief at last.  Now we are awaiting the arrival of the Averys and the Halls on Wednesday.  Then, let the Maine Event begin. 

After getting things set up, Judy and I went out for pizza with Mikee and Peggy.  We were hungry and wanted something to eat but we sure as heck didn’t want to prepare it.  The pizza was okay but, the company was top notch; at least for us – I’m not sure if we were good company, or not, ‘cause we were pretty much spaced out after our marathon driving event.

What’s on the agenda for today?  I don’t know, I guess anything goes as long as it doesn’t involve a truck, a highway, or hot weather.

Well, thar ya have it for today!!


  1. So glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your time with your visitors. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to Maine...Marathon driving is what we did to vermont and back 22 hours each way....Have a great visit and be sure to give Mop and Mark a hug

  3. We too have done some of the marathon driving. Sometimes crazy, but there is always madness in our motive.

    Welcome home to your Maine. We have been enjoying this great weather for a little while now. Hope it lasts.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Get rested, the fun is about to begin!

  4. 520 that's big. Our best 290 gaining an hour changing time zones. George