Saturday, July 10, 2010

This and That

The bod is still on Central Time, didn’t roll out of bed until almost eight o’clock Eastern Time.  Miss Judy had been up for hours playing quietly and awaiting the arising of my portly little frame.

We arrived safe and sound at the Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park on Thursday afternoon.  It was a short travel day, just under three hours.  We did have a slight incident while pulling out of the campground in Lebanon.  With the transition from the campground drive onto the highway along with making a right turn, the fifthwheel pinched the back corner of the truck box punching a nice hole in the underside of the fifthwheel.  Right now I have it covered with some white duck tape and when we get to Maine, I will visit some boat yards to get a gel coat repair kit.

Once we got set up, in almost 100* weather, we made a bee line for Golden Girls restaurant for one of their daily specials.  Norm and Linda Payne had told us about this place which has wonderful home style cooking with several specials each day for $6.75.  Why, you can’t beat that with a stick.  The meal was scrumptious and really hit the spot since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

Yesterday was a rainy day so we pretty much stayed inside with one trip to Wally World to get a sewer hose connector; I had to use three lengths of sewer hose to reach the dumping receptacle.  

Today and tomorrow are going to be clean-up and chore days.  I have three day/night shades to fix and vehicles to wash.  Plus we have plenty of inside cleaning to get done.  Running air conditioners and fans leaves a layer of dust on everything.  It sure has been a hot season, we’ve never run the air conditions this much in the five years that we’ve owned the rig.

Well, that’s it for today.  We hope to do a little sightseeing next week but, Miss Judy has some quilting projects that she wants to work on as well.  I have plenty of books to read and pictures to sort out to keep me busy.  In any event, see ya tomorrow.  


  1. A little sanding, a little fiberglass, a little resin - some more sanding - it'll look just like new. Sorry to hear about your crunch! If you like a little science and technology - along with some very interssting history about the Manhatten Project - check out the museum in Oak Ridge - just down the road aways.

  2. Thanks Mike. We already had Oak Ridge on our "Bucket List" and will check it out next week.

  3. We've been on Eastern Time for over a week now & I'm still going to bed & getting up on Central Time! JoAnn