Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Three R’s – Recumbing, Reposing, And Reclining

We did it!!!  We kept our posteriors at home for the whole day and did nuttin’ “butt” Rest and Relax all day long.  We played on our ‘puters, we read our books, we sat inside in our recliners, we sat outside in our reclining lawn chairs, and we went to the pool twice to cool off.  What an enjoyable day!!!!

We hardly did any housework either; other than feeding the katts, feeding ourselves, and doing the dishes.  The bed stayed unmade just in case we wanted to take a nap but, we were too busy Resting and Relaxing to have time for a nap.  The floors needed a good vacuuming but, we spent the time Resting and Relaxing so they will just have to wait for a more productive day.  The house could have used a little picking up but, we were Resting and Relaxing so why do today what we can put off until tomorrow?

We didn’t even get inside of the truck, no siree, not even once!  The truck was taking the day off as well.  The wheels of the truck didn’t go ‘round and ‘round, not at all, nope, not once all day.  We just called in well and took the day off.  It felt sooooo goooood!!!!!   As a matter of fact, it felt so good that we could easily do it all over again today but, alas, we have our grand parent duties to perform.

Radek has a recall and has to go back into the shop for a check up.  He needs to be tested for the jaundice issue.  That leaves munchkin one and munchkin two in need of some grandparental supervision.  Besides, we will be readying ourselves to haul assets on Thursday so we need to get as many grandchild fixes as we can over the next two days.  It will be three months before we return for our next fix.

Also, if you remember a few weeks back, that the wind blew Matthew and Jackie’s shed over.  Therefore, Matthew and I want to get that back together before we leave.  This time we’ll use some hurricane strapping to help hold it together (it’s one of those Rubbermaid sheds).  So, with grand child fixes, reassembling the shed, and getting ready to roll, we’ll be busy again over the next two days.

In any event, yesterday was a nice Recumbing, Reposing, and Relaxing kind of day.  Until tomorrow, Happy Trails!!! 

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  1. Very cleverly written :) made me grin throughout. Sounds like you made the most of your rest day!